IT Security incident management dashboard


  1. Can a process be trigger by a system instead of a caller? Yes, absolutely.  Kianda provides system connectors. As an example if there is an issue with one of the servers an email is triggered to a system account. Kianda can listen to this email and immediately send notifications to individuals/departments responsible for the issue.
  2. Can this template be used for external customer incidents? Yes, with public forms your external customers can raise incidents using unique links sent to them.
  3. Can users reply to a notification email to update an issue? Yes, they can simply reply to an automated email. System updates the form and resumes the workflow.
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Security Incident Management Workflow Template

IT Security incidents can come with high costs and damages to an organisation who is not prepared for them.

In their simplest way, they can cause downtime, impact business productivity and damage the employee or customer experience.

When organisations implement right strategies to cope with these incidents, they achieve faster detection and investigation process. With a well-structured incident management process, even in critical and emergency situations organisations can achieve better results while minimizing possible damages.

Automating this process helps you to manage, record and analyse security warnings or incidents while giving you a clear view of the issues and how they are resolved.

The flow starts with a caller raising a security incident when there is a risk of data or security. Following this, system immediately sends alerts to the responsible departments to act upon it. The reason of the incidents, threats or violations, can be distinguished by caller providing required details.

Management Dashboard that is provided with this workflow template, provides you visibility of detailed analytics and reporting to aid tracking of the current issues in the system.

This workflow template is designed to serve you as a starting point to design it according to your organisation’s unique requirements.  Kianda provides a NO-CODE development interface, meaning if you do not have programming skills, you can still build spot-on solutions.

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