5 Top Reasons To Embrace No-Code Development Platforms for SAP®

Low-Code / No-Code Development for SAP®
Low-code / No-code for SAP® Application Development

The chaos and unrest of the last year have triggered new work models and forced a turning point in workforce collaboration and productivity. We have all experienced the shifts toward accelerated collaborative and dynamic work. As well as the need for rapid, agile, and flexible solutions, and the democratisation of technical skills. No-code development platforms have evolved to become of critical interest to facilitate and solve these goals. The rise of no-code is as a result of a significant higher demand for fast and effective digital solutions.

Digital Transformation acceleration is execution at speed

The IT landscape has expanded, more requests are coming through, expecting fast turnarounds, yet building up a growing backlog of requirements and increasing pressure on resources for SAP® developers. “Our clients tell us that they are already struggling to find enough developers,” says Derya Sousa, COO at Kianda. “All of the statistics support that this is only going to become more of a challenge. That is, as the demand for professional developer talent continues to grow faster than the world can educate them,” Derya adds.

Gartner indicated that “by 2023, over 50% of medium to large enterprises will have adopted a Low Code Applications Processes as one of their strategic application platforms”.

5 TOP Reasons to embrace no-code application development platforms for SAP®:

Low-code / No-code for SAP applications development
5 Reason to Leverage Low-Code / No-Code Tools for SAP®

1. Build modern SAP® applications 10x faster and with 70% less resources

NO-CODE improves users’ SAP® experience by developing applications rapidly and smoothly. It reduces operational resources and costs. Moreover, it allows you to build more applications in less time. Low-code / no-code development reduces the need for additional developers, lowering the cost of recruiting.

At its core, no-code development platforms enable people with little or no coding skills to quickly build simple forms or enterprise-grade applications. Because of this, time will no longer be a constraint. For instance, tasks that previously may have taken months can now go from requested to deployed in days — or even minutes. No-code development platforms enable faster software development cycles or transition speeds. As a result, they facilitate new criteria to be easily integrated, resulting in increased agility.
“Firms with a truly adaptive nature grow 3x faster than their industry average.” Source: Forrester Analytics Business, Technographics Business And Technology Services Survey, 2020″

No-code offers capabilities to create applications in one single day. But, a word to the wise, not all are built the same. When choosing a no-code development platform, look for a solution that combines flexible visual development with high productivity capability to help build connected apps, such as Kianda.

No-code application development platforms deliver enterprise-grade applications not just faster, not just solutions for now. But also built and designed with a focus on your future IT needs. In short, it is business process automation without limits. Utilising the endless options for integrations, you can quickly, in a user-friendly way, unify and enrich all data sources much faster, with less resources.

2. Seamless integration with SAP® providing a much more User-friendly, agile approach to working with your data

No-code application development platforms seamlessly integrate with most siloed data sources to create a unified, business-centric, and open platform. This cultivates a marketplace for the intelligent enterprise, customers, partners and SAP® users to count on for future-proofed resilience.
Streamline your business processes with responsive, easy-to-deploy applications.

Some no-code development platforms available on the market can connect seamlessly to your SAP® S/4HANA, SAP® C/4HANA, SAP® ECC. This is critical to allow easy and secure access to your data. With single sign-on and one-click deployment, you can easily make SAP® talk to other backend systems. Simply for end-to-end process automation.

For example, Kianda Cloud Connect (KCC) integrates into your data systems on-premise or in cloud. Moreover, easy-to-configure data connectors integrate workflows with ERP, CRM, and IT systems to efficiently share data throughout your company. Above all, easy-to-connect APIs provide seamless single-step connections out of the box (OOTB) with the most commonly used data sources. For instance, SAP®, Oracle, SharePoint, SQLServer, Salesforce, etc.

3. No-code development platforms mean no-code required – Bridge the technical skills gap

No-code technology allows you to address your SAP® digitalisation needs yourself without writing a single line of code. With a few quick clicks, you can efficiently build and enhance enterprise-wide deployment. Subsequently, effectively contributing to backlogs and technical debt.

Keep pace with the demand for new apps

No-code application development platforms simplify, automate and transform multiple processes. May it be for HR, quality management, IT, finance, and more in one central location, quickly with fewer resources.

The rise of low-code and no-code development platforms is growing momentum due to their flexibility, agility, ease of use and speed of development. Further, the ability to combine no-code development and SAP® application development will soon be the norm rather than the exception. By 2030, the low-code development market, which includes no-code development platforms, is expected to generate a compelling $187 billion in revenue.

No-code development extends your SAP® solutions by providing you with the easiest and fastest way to develop applications. Moreover, no-code enables rapid deployment of SAP® applications. As a result, the overall user experience improves, increasing employee engagement and operational efficiency.

4. Optimise build and deployment of SAP® applications to mitigate risk and decrease downtime

Get the most of your SAP® experience by delivering responsive, easy-to-deploy applications – fully integrated with SAP® and other systems. Simply gain agility to address growing operational demands. In addition, meet client expectations with better visibility and transparent insights into your business processes.

No-code development platforms increase employee engagement, operational efficiency and client satisfaction

No-code platforms complement SAP® to deliver rapid, flexible, simplified end-to-end, integrated automated business processes. All of which aims to support and deliver seamless customer experiences because of the need for hyper-personalised solutions in the new world.
Using a no-code development platform to externalise your build and deployment of SAP® applications is highly rewarding. For example, it will increase employee engagement, operational efficiency, and client satisfaction. You can rapidly evolve enterprise applications when business needs change or as new technologies are introduced. With a no-code development platform, you can deliver modern, user-friendly applications to end-users. As a result, it enhances SAP® user experience and engagement.

Unify data in a single location

Leverage one no-code development platform to handle all the various layers of development from the SAP® database (ERD) to the front-end and business layer. You can quickly and easily unify and enrich this data with other information from other data sources. By utilising a functional guide, you can enrich data further for SAP® with less risk. Using a no-code application development platform expands your IT capabilities and resources.

What’s more is that it makes implementing frequent or routine changes less risky. Additionally, it speeds up the time to deploy changes. Therefore, making modest changes will no longer potentially cause errors in code, or require downtime or eat up SAP® IT expert resources.

No-code development platforms enable the continuous introduction of features and capabilities for SAP®/IT developers and non-technical people (Citizen Developers). Therefore, you can easily extend SAP® functionality without re-deploying or changing SAP® assets.

Moreover, the inclusion of a no-code development platform to your tech-stack extends SAP® developers and broadens IT teams’ capabilities and bandwidth. Not it mention, it promotes innovation while also building in controls and governance, thus increasing IT business value.

5. Accelerate application development or migration to SAP® S/4HANA by creating unlimited custom applications, deploy and scale with ease.

Truly flexible, fully integrated no-code development platforms offer an easily scalable solution for SAP® developers.
SAP® integrates artificial intelligence and embeds it in every business process across the entire SAP® S/4HANA suite and aids business processes at scale. No-code application development enables companies to adapt and scale with the agility and flexibility required in today’s global marketplace. Additionally, no-code development platforms provide an integrated, simplified, and unified approach to app development. Thus, helping you to deliver continuous innovations and services to your customers.

No-code application development provides next-generation processes that connect and orchestrate business operations. That’s not all, no-code development promotes smarter decisions, improves experiences for the end-user and automates all decision-making processes. It also helps manage fair and sustainable supply chains across all companies’ end-to-end value and supply chains.

So, no-code development not only improves the bottom line or the top line of a company. But, it also actually adds a third dimension, which is sustainability.


No-code development extends your SAP® solutions by providing you with the easiest and fastest way to develop applications. Moreover, no-code enables rapid deployment of SAP® applications. As a result, the overall user experience improves, increasing employee engagement and operational efficiency.
The rise of low-code and no-code development platforms is of growing interest and is continuously exploding. This is due to faster and easier development of business applications. The ability to combine no-code development and SAP® application development is no exception.

Furthermore, using no-code tools to create SAP® applications is becoming more of a necessity in organisations. Particularly for SAP® consultants, functional analysts, and business analysts.

But, What is a No-Code Development Platform?

The challenge to simplify and shorten software development cycles has led to the exponential growth of low-code and no-code development.
No-code essentially takes the coding out of software development and speeds up the entire development cycle.
A no-code development platform allows users to build business applications quickly and easily using a toolkit of prebuilt components, rules, and actions with drag and drop functionality. That is, instead of building software with coding from scratch.
As no-code doesn’t require coding, it provides an opportunity for those without coding skills to develop software. Therefore, it empowers not only IT, but non-IT professionals/citizen developers to address their digitalisation needs themselves.

According to Gartner: By 2024, developing apps with low-code/no-code tools will account for approximately 65% of all application development.

No-code enables automation and simplifies the many workflows within an operation. Subsequently, minimising the time and expense of creating the software applications your business needs.

Kianda – The No-Code / Low-Code Application Development and Business Process Automation Platform

As an award-winning no-code development platform, Kianda enables IT and Citizen Developers or non-technical people to rapidly build enterprise-grade applications. Organisations can save time and resources, deploy new solutions and maintain current ones without difficulty using the Kianda platform for SAP®.
Kianda offers flexible, scalable customisation solutions and enterprise-grade application development. All of which is necessary to support unique tasks and the specific ways organisations operate.

In addition, Kianda’s no-code rapid application development for SAP® makes development faster and easier. Simply, by providing one location, multiple integrations, scalability, extensibility with direct access to data, visual-based modelling, and one-click deployment.