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May has been an exciting month with the economy slowly reopening in Ireland. For the Team in Kianda, we too have been busy between product updates, expanding our team, and hosting our first online event.  So here is a quick recap of our activities this May!

All the best, 

Derya Sousa, COO, Kianda Technologies

Future Focus 2021 at a glance

Recording Available on Demand

– Conor O’Kelly, Chief Executive Officer of the NTMA explores Ireland’s current economic situation, outlining where opportunities for growth exist in the Irish economy. 

– Two of Ireland’s leading companies have embraced digitalisation to drive innovation. Karl McEntee of ATA and Philip Adams of Mercury Engineering share their experience and advice.

– Derya Sousa of Kianda highlights how companies in a variety of other sectors have used no-code technology to drive efficiency, cut process times and improve customer satisfaction.

#FutureFocus engaged with business and IT leaders who want to drive innovation, transformation, and change within their organisations. Our panel of expert speakers at Future Focus 2021 looked to the future and highlighted ideas and opportunities focused on driving efficiency, productivity, and creativity in a post-pandemic world. 

Product update: Preview from editor

The latest product update makes it easy for the editor to preview how a form looks in mobile or tablet view,

Preview from Editor Functionality
State of Digitisation Report

State of Digitation Report

We surveyed a sample size of 125 participants on the effects of pandemic on the workforce and business process.

Overall findings show that while Covid-19 was a disrupter, in many cases it has proven to be an accelerator of Digital Transformation within businesses. 

Kianda team is expanding

We are excited to welcome Andrine Mendez to our team at Kianda Technologies.

Andrine has joined us as our Marketing Manager, bringing valuable experience and knowledge in areas such as digital marketing and sales.

We are excited to welcome Linda Hickey to our team as our Technical Writer / Trainer. Linda has taken a career break before joining us and now I am delighted to support her on her journey to reignite her career in tech. As a former software engineer and lecturer, Linda has a wealth of experience in technical writing, e-learning and training.

We are delighted to welcome Tracy Kenneally to our team as our Channel and Content Marketing Manager. Tracy has joined Kianda’s expanding marketing team, bringing much expertise in marketing, sales, human resources and operational and key account management roles in industries such as technology, pharma, tourism, leisure and construction.

Kianda wins Ireland’s Best Export Award at National Enterprise Awards 2021

Kianda COO, Derya Sousa and CEO, Osvaldo Sousa with Ireland's Best Export Award from National Enterprise Awards 2021
Derya Sousa, COO and Osvaldo Sousa, CEO at Kianda Technologies.

We are delighted to announce that Kianda Technologies took home the Best Export Award at the National Enterprise Awards 2021. Our CEO, Osvaldo Sousa and COO, Derya Sousa represented Kianda at the awards ceremony, broadcasted live from the Mansion House on the evening of Thursday, February 11th, 2021.

Derya says:

“What a fabulous acknowledgement of the work that we are doing at Kianda Technologies and bringing no code into mainstream. We are all delighted to win Ireland’s Best Export Award tonight in the National Enterprise Awards. Many thanks to everyone who supported us and everyone in Kianda Team!”

Kianda wins Best Export AwardKianda won Best Export Award

Kianda represented Fingal at the National Enterprise Awards.

It is a remarkable achievement to be one of the winners. However, winning the Best Export Award is a fantastic acknowledgement and accomplishment.

Certainly, it represents our efforts in continuously providing innovative solutions to international markets. 

Kianda no-code business process automation platform has received significant traction on a global scale. Furthermore, the cloud-based tool is helping companies from all over the world to easily address their digitalisation needs themselves.

As a no-code development platform, Kianda enables non-technical professionals to build applications without writing a single line of code. Subsequently, organisations can independently transform inefficient, manual-based processes into automated workflows. 

On the 18th of February 2021, Kianda was honoured to receive their award from Head of Enterprise, Oisin Geoghegan, Local Enterprise Office. The award recognises the achievement of  businesses who have grown their customer base outside of Ireland. Also, clearly demonstrates a successful approach to growing their business through research undertaken prior to market entry, strong market development strategies and effective execution with sales.

COO of Kianda, Derya Sousa and CEO of Kianda receive Ireland's Best Export Award from Head of Enterprise at LEO, Oisin Geoghegan
From left to right: Derya Sousa, COO, Kianda Technologies and Osvaldo Sousa, CEO, Kianda Technologies and Oisin Geoghegan, Head of Enterprise, LEO.

Head of Enterprise in Fingal, Oisín Geoghegan congratulates Kianda for winning the Best Export Award:

“The National Enterprise Awards are an annual celebration of the achievements of Ireland’s small businesses and Kianda Technologies are very deserving winners of this award. Because of the impact that they have already made both in Ireland and abroad. Local Enterprise Office Fingal is proud to have supported them along their journey to success and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours”.

Kianda Team is delighted and proud to have won Best Export Award

CEO of Kianda, Osvaldo Sousa and COO of Kianda, Derya Sousa receive Ireland's Best Export Award
Derya Sousa, COO, Kianda Technologies and Osvaldo Sousa, CEO, Kianda Technologies.

We would like to say thank you for all of the support and recognition. Especially to Enterprise Ireland and Local Enterprise Office as the support along the way has been “phenomenal” says Osvaldo.

Also, congratulations to all of the other NE Awards winners of 2021! 

Watch full ceremony here:

In other news, the team at Kianda are all looking forward to Local Enterprise Week on March 1st – 5th.

Our co-founder, Derya will be speaking at the “Working Smarter to Future-Proof Your Business” webinar on the 1st of March to kick off Local Enterprise Week Fingal. And ‘Women in Business – Our Time to Shine’ webinar on the 5th of March to celebrate International Women’s Day.

If you want to know more about Kianda’s award-winning, digitalisation platform, talk to us today at

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Kianda Technologies wins the Fingal Enterprise Awards 2020

Kianda is a finalist for National Enterprise Awards 2021

Kianda Technologies representing Fingal at National Enterprise Awards 2021

Kianda Technologies will be competing as a finalist at the National Enterprise Awards 2021. Our CEO, Osvaldo Sousa and COO, Derya Sousa will be representing Kianda Technologies on the evening of the National Awards.

Join us on Thursday, 11th of February at 6 pm and support Kianda by tuning in to watch the ceremony live.

Invitation for the National Enterprise Awards 2021National Enterprise Awards 2021 will be held virtually

Organised by Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Ireland, the National Enterprise Awards had been postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. As restrictions are still in place and virtual events have become the new normal, the ceremony will be hosted online.

Needless to say, the awards will be held differently in comparison to previous years due to being held virtually.

This year, the awards welcome a public audience online.

The National Enterprise Awards 2021 will be broadcasted live from the Mansion House from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm on Thursday, 11th of February.

Join us to watch the ceremony here.

Kianda will represent LEO Fingal at the NE Awards 2021

In March 2020, LEO Fingal nominated Kianda Technologies as the winner of the Fingal Enterprise Awards 2020. As a result of winning, Kianda will represent Fingal at the National Enterprise Awards 2021. 

Best of luck to everyone

Throughout the pandemic we have managed to adjust and adapt and provide our client’s with the support they need.

We have continued to demonstrate resilience, innovation and excellence throughout these turbulent times. Certainly, Kianda business process automation platform has helped many customers overcome challenges and reduce the impact of COVID-19. 

The Kianda team are proud to have overcome such challenges. Not to mention our excitement to be competing against multiple successful enterprises across Ireland.

We would like to to wish everybody the best of luck in the National Enterprise Awards. 

Tune in to the event online by joining Kianda and watching the live stream here.

Kianda is the winner of the NTMA Entrepreneur in Residence Programme 2020

Derya Sousa, NTMA Entrepreneur in Residence 2020

Early in 2020, the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) announced Kianda Technologies as the winner of Female Entrepreneur in Residence 2020. Derya Sousa proudly represents Kianda as the COO and co-founder in NTMA’s Entrepreneur in Residence programme.

What is NTMA Female Entrepreneur in Residence programme?

The NTMA launched the Female Entrepreneur in Residence programme in 2020. Simply put, the scheme was set up in response to the gap between male and female entrepreneurs in Ireland. 

Moreover, the programme established by the NTMA shines a light on females. Particularly females who are successfully positioned at a high level in business. Additionally, it aims to encourage more ambitious females to follow their career in entrepreneurship. 

Candidate businesses were required to have at least one female founder. Selecting the winning candidate was based on an array of determining factors for the competitive process. Kianda’s business candidate, among others were critically assessed. Particularly, based on the strength and ambition of their business plan including. And their anticipated use of the award as a catalyst to transform their business.

Kianda’s COO wins NTMA Entrepreneur in Residence 2020

Our COO Derya Sousa was successfully titled the NTMA’s Female Entrepreneur in Residence 2020. As a result of winning the NTMA initiative, Kianda business process automation company received dedicated office space at Treasury Dock, North Wall Quay. In addition, Kianda received exceptional guidance and support from highly skilled investment professionals. In which was kindly provided by the NTMA.

Derya says:

“I am thrilled to announce that we are the winners of the NTMA Entrepreneur in Residence 2020. We started our residence in the Treasury Dock building and were warmly welcomed! Thank you to the NTMA (National Treasury Management Agency) and everyone involved in this programme…”

About Kianda

Kianda is a no-code business process automation platform aiming to make digitalisation easier for people. Moreover, it empowers business users to create enterprise applications. And, without the need for coding.

Winning NTMA Entrepreneur in Residence is a fantastic achievement and milestone reached by Kianda. On another note, we at Kianda encourage all female entrepreneurs to be ambitious and courageous. 

Furthermore, Derya was one of the leading lights for National Women’s Enterprise Day (NWED) 2020. In short, NWED is an initiative set up by Local Enterprise Office, Ireland, bringing together female entrepreneurs across Ireland.

In the view of Local Enterprise Office Fingal, Derya has demonstrated outstanding leadership, resilience and innovation throughout 2020.

Related article: “Kianda founder on being a woman in a male-dominated sector” featuring Derya Sousa in Silicon Republic – one of Ireland’s leading tech sources.

Derya says:

“We are stronger together. So that we can be our best and brightest and inspire to look beyond the uncertainty”.

Would you like to see how Kianda business process automation platform can help you achieve your digitalisation goals?

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Kianda makes digitalisation easier for people, approachable for companies


Our COO, Derya Sousa was interviewed by RTE (Radio Television of Ireland) for the Boost My Business feature, showcasing Kianda’s easier approach to digitalisation. Kianda no-code platform helps companies from all over the world to implement digitalisation smoothly. And, without limitations. Moreover, Kianda has played a key role in how many companies adapted to the pandemic. And how those businesses have minimized the impacts of COVID-19.

Digitalisation is ever-growing

More and more companies are undergoing digital transformation in order to improve business operations. However, digitalisation can be a complex process without adequate resources or the correct tools. 

Much of the business process automation platforms out there require some level of coding knowledge. Meaning, only a software developer or somebody with significant coding experience can build and implement a digital system. With that, business users might have to wait months or even years for a new system to be introduced. And in some cases, the digital system may even fail or work improperly

Because of this, digitalisation can be seen as tricky. But, it doesn’t have to be. Kianda no-code business process automation platform was built to bridge the gap in the business process automation industry. More so, to make digitalisation easier.

Derya says:

“We had seen the struggle companies go through when it comes to implementing new technologies or new business systems. So, we said there has to be a better way. Not just for ourselves as developers. But, also so people who are not technical could be more hands on in the digitalisation journeys of companies.” 

And that is why Kianda was founded. So that, business users without technical knowledge or coding experience can build and implement new systems. Most importantly, to undergo digitalisation without any barriers. 

As a no-code business process automation platform, Kianda significantly reduces the time it takes to build and implement a new digital system. As well as that, it allows you to deploy rapid digital solutions. That is, much faster than before. 

Digitalisation has been a growing trend for a number of years. However, it became a considerably important need in the last few months. Most notably, digital transformation has been a crucial element in a bid to tackle COVID-19. More specifically, in tackling the challenges businesses have faced and are still facing as a result.

Adapting to the pandemic

Like most businesses, Kianda have faced some issues throughout the duration of COVID-19. Due to uncertainty, many businesses are hesitant to begin digitalisation. This is potentially due to factors relative to the cost of digitalisation. 

Digitalisation is an investment.

Digitalisation requires additional costs, but the benefits are substantially rewarding. A great deal of organisations who have adopted business process automation have realized the advantages and benefits derived. Hence why more companies have sparked an interest and are moving forward with digitalisation.

Simply put, companies are increasingly becoming more interested in digital transformation.

Our team primarily concentrated on providing premium support to our current customers in the early days of the pandemic. More importantly, to help our clients address and overcome challenges. Particularly those related to coronavirus. That is, with the use of Kianda’s no-code business process automation platform.

“Our platform helps businesses to adapt to pandemics or to big changes that might be happening in the market. It helps companies adapt to their operations in a fast and agile way,” says Derya.

Read the full article here.

Kianda workflow software helps companies tackle COVID-19 impacts

Kianda Technologies FoundersMany companies are searching for rapid ways to tackle COVID-19 impacts to the business. 

Local Enterprise Office Ireland highlights how Kianda workflow software is helping companies across the globe throughout COVID-19.

Using Kianda, companies have implemented rapid and effective digital business applications. That is, in response to COVID-19.

May it be for a new process that was developed specifically during the Pandemic. Or, a process that has been altered accordingly. Due to rapid business changes caused by the virus. 

Our COO Derya Sousa was interviewed by the  Local Enterprise Offices and shared how we’ve adapted our business to the needs of ever-changing world. Also, how we can help to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Kianda platform is being used globally to overcome COVID-19 business challenges 

“Now, more than ever, businesses will realise how important technology is for day-to-day operations. And post-crisis transition phase, when we go back to some sort of normality, risks for employees and customers will have to be minimised.” says Derya.

Many businesses have turned to automated workflows to adapt to new working conditions. From employee health assessment forms to remote teams collaboration workflows. Also, preparation for when normality returns.

Some are trying to cut costs and using workflow software to do so. 

“In the past month, Kianda has already seen an increased global interest in its platform. As more customers at home and abroad are prioritising digitalisation projects and implementing rapid solutions” adds Derya.

Investing in workflow software such as Kianda will allow companies to save costs, retain time and will bring agility. Additionally, it allows them to tackle COVID-19 impacts.

Many organisations are still adapting to the new world order. However, some are now preparing to bounce back once the world has recovered from the epidemic. 

Read the full article here and learn how Kianda platform is helping organisations overcome COVID-19 business challenges. And, how it will be beneficial to companies when it comes to managing post-crisis transition phase.

Kianda COVID19 Response
Kianda COVID-19 Response


Kianda Technologies wins the Fingal Enterprise Awards 2020

Fingal Enterprise Awards winners 2020

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Kianda has won Fingal Enterprise Awards 2020. CEO, Osvaldo Sousa and COO, Derya Sousa were awarded the winning plaque on March 5th at the ceremony, “Making it Happen”.

In February 2020, Local Enterprise Office Fingal shortlisted 10 businesses to compete at the Fingal Enterprise Awards. All 10 companies went head to head for the final spot at National Enterprise Awards 2021. 

The competition was strong as there were very promising businesses among us. Therefore, winning, despite the level of competition was a great achievement for Kianda.

As winners of the Fingal Enterprise Awards, we received beautifully crafted award

Mayor of Fingal, Eoghan O’Brien, Chief Executive, AnnMarie Farrelly and Head of Enterprise, Oisin Geoghegan presented our award to us. 

Fingal Enterprise Awards winner

To the National Enterprise Awards 2020

As a result of winning, Kianda will represent Fingal at the National Enterprise Awards 2021. An initiative of the Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs), the National Enterprise Awards Final will take place virtually on the 11th February.

Across Ireland, 31 Local Enterprise Office’s nominated their final winner to compete at the National Enterprise Awards. 

In other words, Kianda Technologies will compete against 30 other businesses in the running for winning on a National basis. 

Kianda continues to grow and develop

The support and recognition Kianda has received is outstanding. Moreover, it allows the business to continuously grow and reach optimum potential.

After winning the Fingal Enterprise Awards, Derya states:

“It is amazing that our digital process automation business Kianda is being recognised as a business with significant potential to continue to grow and develop, globally…”

The Kianda is a cloud-based platform helping companies to eliminate paper and automate all existing manual processes in a single place – and critically it empowers non-IT staff to build powerful business applications quickly with no coding.

In other words, we take a modern approach to process automation so that it is flexible for all users.

For the reason that Kianda is a no-code platform, users without technical knowledge can easily use the platform. Hence, anybody can build business apps and workflows with Kianda.

We want to thank everybody who supported us throughout the awards and overall.

Good luck to all contenders in the National Enterprise Awards 2021. In addition, we wish the very best of luck in the future for those we competed against in the Fingal Enterprise Awards. 

Seems like crossing our fingers worked the last time.

So again, fingers crossed for Kianda to now win the National Enterprise Awards 2021. 

Want to see what Kianda can do for you?

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Finalists for Fingal Enterprise Awards 2020

Kianda sponsors female basketball team

Finalists for Fingal Enterprise Awards 2020

Fingal Enterprise Awards

Kianda Technologies has been shortlisted as a finalist by LEO Fingal.

We are thrilled to announce that Kianda Technologies was nominated as a finalist for Fingal Enterprise Awards 2020. The overall winner of the awards will represent Fingal at the National Enterprise Awards 2020, this May.

“We’re looking forward to the Fingal awards ceremony, called “Making it Happen”, taking place on the evening of Thursday 5th March where the winner will be announced…”

The process from Fingal Enterprise Awards to National Enterprise Awards

Local Enterprise Office Fingal organises the Enterprise Awards on an annual basis. Along with Kianda, 9 other businesses were shortlisted by LEO Fingal.

31 Local Enterprise Offices are located across Ireland. Likewise, each office shortlists 10 companies just like LEO Fingal for instance.

Only one can go…

That is to say, each of the 10 finalists from all Local Enterprise Office’s across Ireland will compete for the final spot. In other words, the 10 contenders that have been shortlisted by LEO Fingal will compete against one another.

Finally, when all of the shortlisted contenders are rounded up, they will attend the Fingal Awards ceremony “Making it Happen”. This will take place in Swords on Thursday 5th March. 

As a result, the final winners will go all the way to the National Enterprise Awards. 

31 companies will go head-to-head at the National Enterprise Awards

By results of the Local Enterprise Awards, 31 companies will compete on a National basis.

Further, we want to wish all finalists for Fingal Enterprise Awards the best of luck. In addition, good luck to all contenders across Ireland for their own local Enterprise Awards.

Meanwhile, we have our fingers crossed for Kianda Technologies. And we are excited to see what is yet to come.

In short, the Kianda platform takes a modern approach to business process automation.  Most noteworthy, it is a true NO-CODE platform. Therefore, users without technical knowledge can easily build business apps and workflows.

Want to see what Kianda can do for you?

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Kianda sponsors female basketball team

Engineered Simplicity – Digital Process Automation Made Simple

Kianda sponsors female basketball team

Kianda supporting female basketball

Kianda sponsors female basketball team for Dublin Ongar Chasers Girls U14s.

Our COO, Derya Sousa is pictured on the right alongside Ongars Chasers Girls U14s and their coach, as Kianda sponsors local sport and physical activity.

Derya proudly holds the young girls new basketball kit that features the Kianda logo. Emphasizing her delight to support young females Derya says:

“This makes me even prouder to play a small part in Dublin Ongar Chasers Girls U14s team’s success… Next generation of bright, successful business women”.

Demonstrating female empowerment in her career, sports and physical activity and personal life, Derya continues aspire and inspire.

“As an ex-pro basketball player, I know how hard it can be to get the recognition that women’s sport deserves… Female players can still be undervalued as a result of lack of support and coverage”.

She’s back in the game!

Twenty years later, she has returned to the courts and is back playing ball along with managing and operating Kianda. As well as that, Derya tries to balance work and also her personal life with her family, CEO Osvaldo Sousa and two children.

“To my delight, after 20 years of being away from basketball courts, now I am back! Never thought I would return to play again while running a business and trying to balance work and family life.

As Kianda proudly sponsors female basketball team, Derya saw this as an opportunity to get back in the game!

“Sport and physical activity have a powerful and positive impact on mental health and wellbeing”

So, if there’s anything we can learn, it is never too late to rekindle some old hobbies we have previously enjoyed. Especially, when they are good for you and sport and physical activity are definitely worth investing your time into.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 33% of adults in Ireland do not get enough sufficient exercise.

Many people struggle to find time to exercise or participate in sport and physical activity. However, looking after your mental health and your well-being should be included in everybody’s list of priorities.

Make sure to spare some time for sports, no matter what age you are or how busy your schedule is…

Let us show your how Kianda can help you, with a free customised demo.

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Kianda at Ireland eGovernment Awards

Osvaldo Sousa - eGovernment Awards
Osvaldo Sousa – Ireland eGovernment Awards

Kianda at Ireland eGovernment Awards and Summit 2019

Our CEO Osvaldo Sousa presenting Kianda at the Ireland eGovernment Awards. Certainly, it was a pleasure to introduce the Kianda platform to an audience of government leaders in digital services. This took place on 11 September 2019 in City Hall, Dublin.

It was fantastic to have the opportunity for us to present Kianda to such a prestigious audience. And talk about how we help organisations to accelerate and simplify their digital journeys with our innovative process automation platform Kianda.” says Osvaldo.

Benefits for public sectors

During, Osvaldo demonstrated use of the Kianda platform, at the Ireland eGovernment Awards giving clear examples of purpose.

Process automation software is a growing platform that can benefit many industries. For instance, the public sector is one that frequently carries out processes that can be easily simplified.

To clarify the simplicity, paper can be eliminated, costs can be reduced and time can be saved. 

As a result, less paper means less waste and more organization. Secondly, reducing costs converts into more finances for other business aspects. Finally, more time results in dedicated effort to neglected tasks.

Often use case of our platform with public sector is online application forms or public queries. These require some sort of background process to get resolved after they are submitted.”

Sometimes, there are issues though. For example, the documents can get lost or forgotten, when travelling from A to B. Consequently, slowing down processes.

Osvaldo states to the audience at the Ireland eGoverment Awards and Summit:

“What Kianda does is that, it transforms these interactions to an entirely digital and traceable process from the beginning until the end. Not just the first online form. This brings huge savings and eliminates inefficiencies for organisations.

The Ireland eGovernment Awards and Summit, recognise the innovators and forward thinkers. Those, who are pioneering changes and helping deliver better online services on the island of Ireland today.

Kianda is a process automation platform that allows companies like yours to automate and streamline business processes. Easily build online forms and workflows.

To discover how Kianda can help you, request a free demo today!

Request a live demo

Sharing Kianda’s success journey

Dublin City Council Boost Your Business StartUp Ballymun.
Picture Colm Mahady / Fennells – Copyright© Fennell Photography 2019

Sharing our success journey

Our COO Derya Sousa had the pleasure to share our success journey and talk about digital business solutions Kianda provides with the local community at ‘Grow with Digital’ event on the 10th April 2019 at StartUp Ballymun event.

We were delighted to take part in the event, thanks to all organisers.

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Kianda Technologies wins the Fingal Enterprise Awards 2020

Dublin Fingal Enterprise Awards 2019

Fingal Enterprise Awards 2019

Kianda Technologies was honoured to be one of the finalists in Local Enterprise Office Fingal Enterprise Awards 2019.

We had a great time during the awards process and the ceremony held in the Dublin Fingal County Council. Therefore, we want to say thanks to all organisers.

Kianda sponsored in the European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen

Workflow automation
Kianda sponsors at European SharePoint Conference

We had a great time sponsoring in the European SharePoint Conference this year in Copenhagen. We met our customers and partners. In addition, interesting talks about how empowering no-code solutions can be. That is, with many people from around Europe.

Thank you all who stopped by our stand and showed interest in Kianda – digital process automation and application delivery platform.

Learn more about no-code process workflow automation and business applications with Kianda.

Request your live demo today!

Kianda Technologies Wins The Best Start Up / New Business Award


Kianda Technologies won the Best Start Up / New Business award at the Fingal Dublin Chamber Business Excellence and CSR awards 2018.

KIANDA – Best Start Up/New Business 2018– sponsored by The LINC @ IT Blanchardstown

“It was the first time Kianda has entered to this competition and we are delighted to win such a prestigious award.” says Osvaldo Sousa – Co-founder of Kianda Technologies.

The prestigious black-tie Gala Awards Presentation Evening this year took place in the Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport in Santry on Friday, 9th November 2018. The event was sponsored by Fingal County Council and hosted by RTÉ’s Marty Whelan.

The Best Start Up/New Business award was open to entrants who could show how their start up/new business has been successfully established within the last 2 years. The judges were looking for evidence of strategically planned growth, clear vision for the future and current measurable achievement.

“Kianda identified a need to make digitalisation simple for businesses and have developed key points of differentiation to make them stand out in a space that is cluttered with bigger competitors. Resilience and commitment secured them significant contracts with two large corporations in Ireland. There is a strong plan on place for a sustainable future.” Judges from the competition.

Fingal Dublin Chamber organises this event every year to create awareness of, and highlight business excellence across all business sectors, private, public and charity within the Fingal Dublin Chamber region for their accomplishments in Business Excellence and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Workflow automation software Kianda sponsors European SharePoint Conference – as featured in The Record Technology Magazine

Kianda BPMWe talked about our Kianda journey to date to The Record Technology Magazine and about our sponsorship in the upcoming European SharePoint Conference #ESPC18.

Workflow automation software Kianda was launched in 2017 in European SharePoint Conference in Dublin.

We will be sponsoring the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference in November 2018. The Microsoft partner officially launched during the 2017 conference.

“We are thrilled that, since our launch last year, more than 5,000 enterprise users are now building cutting-edge digital process automation solutions across several industries using Kianda,” said Derya Sousa, the company’s co-founder and commercial director.

To read the full article click here Record Magazine

Kianda is a no-code business process automation and workflow software.  It makes it easy for companies to automate complex business processes connecting people and existing company systems.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Kianda is being used by many businesses across the globe to digitally transform their core business processes. Also, improving compliance, enabling faster decision making, and higher productivity.

Want to see what Kianda can do for you?

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