Change request form template
Change request workflow template


  1. Can meetings be scheduled via the form? Yes. If an approval meeting is required, a date can be selected in the form to be scheduled as the meeting date. System can send reminder alerts to users before the meeting date.
  2. Can forms (tasks) run in parallel? Yes, forms can be set to run in parallel so that tasks assigned to different individuals can be carried out in parallel when required.
  3. Can users reply to a notification email to update an issue? Yes, they can simply reply to an automated email and this get update the ticket in the system and resume the workflow.
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Is your organisation managing change requests with emails, sheets and paper forms? Does it cause difficulties when tracking the requests, approvals, their status and storing this information online?

Digitising this process not only will save you time and paper but also will allow you to have full visibility of the process and collaborate in a more efficient way with your team.

A change request is a documented proposal for an alteration to any configuration item, product or a complete system. In project management, a change request regularly emerges when the customer needs an expansion or modification to the agreed-upon deliverables for a project.

In this template we gathered business rules, steps and fields that are commonly used in organisations when managing a change request workflow.

Someone who is documenting or reporting the procedure starts the request. A user or a group who is responsible for the approval of change request gets notified and decides whether Change Approval Board (CAB) meeting should be scheduled. Schedule, review and implementation are all managed step by step in the same workflow. Business rules and actions allow you to have a clear definition of your change strategy and risk assessment.

In addition, this template can be used together with IT Support Helpdesk. A ticket raised by an end user or a customer via IT Helpdesk workflow may require a change in a project or a system. In this case, to facilitate the flow, two processes can be connected together and let one process start after another, depending on the outcome of the first one. And you can carry the information between processes.

Benefits of automating Change request management process are many:

  1. You will achieve faster deployment times and lower the risks associated with the changes.
  2. You will have a standard way of handling and storing the information related to the process.
  3. You will avoid unnecessary email communications and paper work.
  4. As a result, digital processes will bring productivity with faster resolution times and efficiency for auditing and reporting purposes.

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