Employee Onboarding Process Template

Employee On-boarding template will help HR team effectively manage employee onboarding procedures.

This is a procedure regularly used by organisations to provide an automated platform for their human resource team to make an employee on-boarding process more manageable and smooth.

Reporting dashboard to help you track the progress

In this sample dashboard manager can have a view of the progress of onboarding process; how many requests have been compled how many are in progress etc.  Kianda dashboards are easily customisable to adapt your unique needs.

HR Employee onboarding software
HR Employee onboarding template

Employee onboarding process template below – each form representing each department or individual involved in the process. It starts with HR capturing candidate details and updating current IT systems with the details. Continues with assigning tasks to managers for approvals, IT team to provide devices and right access. It also can be expanded to provide new hire employee an anonymous form to provide required details such as bank information before starting in the company.


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