Happy Kianda Customers

We asked some of our customers what they think about transitioning into Digital Business with Kianda Forms & BPM. See what they have to tell you.

“Best decision we ever made!

We met Kianda at the European SharePoint Conference 2017. We were impressed by their expertise and the practical answers they had to our concerns. We wanted to see more about their app so we had a meeting soon after. After that, we were in! Absolutely!

Kianda has given us the ability to automate the work processes in a simple way, from start to end and integrate the workflow management with the applications and systems that our organization uses.

From the simplicity of how we design forms, to the way we can use rules it allows us to create workflows rapidly. We easily were able to implement data connectors to integrate the processes with our existing systems and applications. This gives us the ability to reduce the time and resources spent in the implementation and allow us to create more efficient work processes within our internal team.

Kianda’s team has been exceptional at every level. It’s not just an app, it’s a new world and a game changer altogether.”

Vladimiro SOUSA – Organisation Manager
Gulbenkian Foundation Portugal
A philanthropy company with more than 500 employees

“Not a tech wizz? This is the BPM tool for you!

Kianda is an easy to use, low-code BPM tool – what this means is, if you, are like me, and not a tech expert, then even you can manage to create workflows and processes within the system with minimal training and effort.

Previously our workflows were within a BPM tool which required us to outsource to specialist coders, but made the decision to move to Kianda and now have easily brought knowledge and skills in-house.

It offers a great UX and a simple design and admin centre. This is a great product to simplify and streamline your processes.”

Fiona MCCABE – Lead IT Business Analyst
Mercury Engineering Ireland
An engineering company with more than 3000 employees

“Making workflows – easy breezy!”

Have been designing workflows with Kianda for almost a year and it really can do anything – custom buttons and pop-up windows, edit mode, scheduled events, .csv import – you name it! Modern and flexible end-user forms. Simple and fast to design new workflows and forms. Friendly licensing model. And support… it is just outstanding.

In our company with more than 500 employees, we use Kianda for HR, Finance and Travel processes and it is making our company digitalized and paperless.

Thanks, Kianda team for the dedication!”

Zane ZELENINA – Software Specialist
An airlines company with more than 500 employees

“Kianda optimised the way we operate”

“At Somicre, we were looking for a flexible solution to provide us a better way to manage our loan approval process which was made of paper-based tasks and email communications from our customers. 

Since we moved to manage this process with Kianda approval workflow, I’m saving more than 60 percent of my time on approvals and maintaining up-to-date customer data..

A simple loan approval process previously could take up to 2 weeks to complete. Now with Kianda workflows it takes on average 4 days to complete. This is a massive improvement to the way we operate.”

Solange SilvaManaging Director, Somicre 

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