Holiday request form

Frequently Asked Questions when using Kianda Holiday Request Form

  1. Can the form calculate remaining leave days dynamically? Yes, previous leave requests are displayed to user and remaining leave days are calculated.
  2. Can a manager approve requests remotely? Yes, Kianda platform is available on mobile. Managers can approve requests remotely from their smartphones, wherever they are.
  3. Can approver’s sign digitally? Yes, digital signatures can easily be added to the form.
  4. Can the request be printed as a PDF document? Yes, with Kianda’s document generation feature this can be achieved easily.
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Holiday Request Form

With the use of digital tools, smartphones, and social media, employee expectation of digitally managing tasks has now increased significantly.

On the other hand, HR departments are facing challenges with simple tasks like holiday requests.

They need to learn to adapt to new trends and environments that require them to meet the expectations. Productivity increases by using more efficient ways of carrying out business tasks.

HR Managers improve processes by introducing digital technologies together with new strategies.

Automation processes like leave and request management can bring significant time savings.

It is time to ditch outdated paper forms and untraceable emails for holiday approvals…

If you deal with holiday requests via paper forms or rely on emails to track holiday requests, then it is time to move to a digital solution.

Why you should digitalise holiday requests?

4 reasons why you should digitalise leave and holiday request management:

    1. Reduce errors, save time and increase efficiency

    2. Greater visibility of approval status

    3. Automated approvals of requests

    4. Instance notification of rejection / approval status and regular reminders

Manual management of  holiday requests can take a significant amount of time to organise.

It is important to have these requests dealt with in an efficient manner when it is holiday season.

For example, if you have to calculate sick leave requests made by the entire company for a given year you will need to spend hours or even days to go through papers.

If you have the information in a digital system, it will only be a click away.

To improve the efficiency, the first step is to move from paper to digital forms.  

A digital holiday request application can manage and approve all requests in one place, as well as tracking them in a dashboard.

Digital leave requests allow you to have an overall view of everyone’s requests.

You will be able to take necessary precautions to ensure you have enough staff available during the periods of high demand (such as summer).

Neither you nor the employee will need to worry about miscalculations.

By optimising your holiday request management, you automatically and quickly ensure a fair and transparent management to the staff.


Leave request form

With Kianda holiday request form, staff request holiday, managers approve and a record is saved in the system, giving full visibility to you.

You have access to correct information to know when your staff is on leave.

This flexible form allows you to quickly tailor the process and publish it to share with your staff.

Employees can view their balance of remaining days and raise their requests.

Managers get notified and they simply review and approve requests.

Managers can also reject or ask for modifications from staff.

Scheduled reminders are set for when a manager does not approve on time. In short, the system sends them regular notifications to reject or approve.

Don’t forget to explore our app store when you sign up and check out all other templates designed to help you to get started.

Get started with this holiday request form now! 

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