Kianda at the Ireland eGovernment Awards and Summit 2019

Osvaldo Sousa - eGovernment Awards
Osvaldo Sousa – eGovernment Awards

Our CEO Osvaldo Sousa had the pleasure to present Kianda to an audience of government leaders in digital services at the Ireland eGovernment Awards ceremony on 11 September 2019 in City Hall, Dublin.

It was fantastic to have the opportunity for us to present Kianda to such a prestigious audience and talk about how we help organisations to accelerate and simplify their digital journeys with our innovative process automation platform Kianda.” says Osvaldo.

He also mentions a common use case for public sectors that process automation platform can be a benefit “Often use case of our platform with public sector is online application forms or public queries that require some sort of background process to get resolved after they are submitted.

They usually end up in a mailbox or get printed out to travel from department to department until there is a resolution. What Kianda does is that it transforms these interactions to an entirely digital and traceable process from the beginning until the end, not just the first online form. This brings huge savings and eliminates inefficiencies for organisations.

The Ireland eGovernment Awards and Summit, recognise the innovators and forward thinkers who are pioneering changes and helping deliver better online services on the island of Ireland today.

Kianda is a process automation platform that allows companies like yours to automate and streamline business processes with easily build online forms and workflows.

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