Kianda Newsletter

May has been an exciting month with the economy slowly reopening in Ireland. For the Team in Kianda, we too have been busy between product updates, expanding our team, and hosting our first online event.  So here is a quick recap of our activities this May!

All the best, 

Derya Sousa, COO, Kianda Technologies

Future Focus 2021 at a glance

Recording Available on Demand

– Conor O’Kelly, Chief Executive Officer of the NTMA explores Ireland’s current economic situation, outlining where opportunities for growth exist in the Irish economy. 

– Two of Ireland’s leading companies have embraced digitalisation to drive innovation. Karl McEntee of ATA and Philip Adams of Mercury Engineering share their experience and advice.

– Derya Sousa of Kianda highlights how companies in a variety of other sectors have used no-code technology to drive efficiency, cut process times and improve customer satisfaction.

#FutureFocus engaged with business and IT leaders who want to drive innovation, transformation, and change within their organisations. Our panel of expert speakers at Future Focus 2021 looked to the future and highlighted ideas and opportunities focused on driving efficiency, productivity, and creativity in a post-pandemic world. 

Product update: Preview from editor

The latest product update makes it easy for the editor to preview how a form looks in mobile or tablet view,

Preview from Editor Functionality
State of Digitisation Report

State of Digitation Report

We surveyed a sample size of 125 participants on the effects of pandemic on the workforce and business process.

Overall findings show that while Covid-19 was a disrupter, in many cases it has proven to be an accelerator of Digital Transformation within businesses. 

Kianda team is expanding

We are excited to welcome Andrine Mendez to our team at Kianda Technologies.

Andrine has joined us as our Marketing Manager, bringing valuable experience and knowledge in areas such as digital marketing and sales.

We are excited to welcome Linda Hickey to our team as our Technical Writer / Trainer. Linda has taken a career break before joining us and now I am delighted to support her on her journey to reignite her career in tech. As a former software engineer and lecturer, Linda has a wealth of experience in technical writing, e-learning and training.

We are delighted to welcome Tracy Kenneally to our team as our Channel and Content Marketing Manager. Tracy has joined Kianda’s expanding marketing team, bringing much expertise in marketing, sales, human resources and operational and key account management roles in industries such as technology, pharma, tourism, leisure and construction.