Employee appraisals dashboard
Performance appraisal dashboard


  1. Can the workflow send reminders?  Yes. System sends reminders with the desired frequency automatically. It also comes with a set of flexible business rules to exclude weekends, holidays and certain dates.
  2. Can I customise the template? Yes, absolutely. Template can be customised as required.
  3. How do HR or managers view the progress? Template comes with an easy-to-customise reporting dashboard where certain people can have visibility of the progress of each employee.

Most companies carry out performance appraisals annually. Annual reviews usually are not enough. Employees need more frequent reviews to keep them focused.

But why do companies do appraisals only annually?

This is because it is not easy to track, it requires time and effort putting a structure on it.

Managing this via spreadsheets and emails can easily be a nightmare for companies with a large number of employees and operations in different locations.

Managing Employee Performance Appraisals is not a hassle any more!

Kianda workflow provides a single place for HR to organise and overview performance review process for all employees of the organisation.

The process flows digitally and efficiently without delays whereby management and employees receive automated alerts until they assess, provide feedback on employee performance, including guidance to enhance tasks as required.

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With a standard workflow and a central location to monitor the progress, the whole process gets simplified and less time-consuming.

Automated workflow starts as on scheduled basis and sends alerts to task owners to complete their tasks and update the relevant departments/individuals on the completion of tasks.

With this template not only will managers just maintain accurate records of overall employee progress, but also they will rest assured that employees understand the content of their feedback clearly.

This way, performance evaluations will be made faster and easier for managers to complete.

If you implement a digital process to manage performance appraisals, it will go a long way toward having a standard and efficient procedure in which HR, managers and employees are all aware of their tasks and they all have equal visibility of progress.

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