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Kianda Process Apps are designed to accelerate your digital transformation journey. With our predefined workflow apps, you will be able optimise your business processes, bring efficiency and eliminate errors immediately.
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Kianda is a workflow automation platform that allows companies like yours to automate and streamline their processes with easily built online forms and workflows.

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Transform Paper into Digital with Kianda Business Process Apps

Do you have a goal to transform a business process from paper into digital?

Whether it is a simple checklist or a complex employee onboarding process, it is important that you are not wasting time and money.

Fast Build Solutions

Manage, automate, and optimise your processes with fast build online applications to accelerate your digital journey.

Create form-based business applications and reporting dashboards easily. No coding required.

User-friendly workflow software for anyone.

Kianda is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is being used by businesses across the globe to digitally transform their core business processes improving compliance, enabling faster decision making, and higher productivity.