Pruchase Order Management
Purchase Order Management dashboard


  1. Does this template allow us upload documents? Yes, absolutely.  You can upload supplier invoices or any documents. You will need to set up data connection to define a file storage location.
  2. Can the tickets be assigned to a group of people instead of individuals? Yes, tickets can be assigned to a group or multiple individuals. Rules can be set to assign dynamically if someone is on holidays.
  3. Can this send automated email to supplier as well? Yes, it can. In the form you can select to send notification to supplier or not.
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Purchase Order Process can be used to control purchasing of products and services from external suppliers. Optimisation of this process will allow you to maintain control over the entire purchasing process from requesting a PO to paying the supplier.

Using manual  processes (like emails, spreadsheets), may put your company finances at risk caused by lack of visibility and error-prone results. 

Automating this process is not only going to save you time, but also will help you to put a structure to your purchasing process to avoid unexpected expenditure and its disappointing results.

You can include multiple layers of approvals based on a threshold so that high volume purchasing can be approved by multiple managers.

Purchase order process starts with requester providing vendor information, prices and description with a couple of clicks and submitting for approval. Manager/s receive notification and approve request or deny based on the criteria provided.

In addition, this process includes supplier’s invoice payment step to allow end-to-end optimisation of Purchasing Process.

When manager approves the purchase, supplier can be notified and their invoice or any other quote document can be stored in the workflow.  This triggers notifications to the Finance team to proceed with the payment according to the payment terms. agreed.

This process focuses on the approval and PO PDF generation . For a process that covers a wider range of areas like vendor selection and management check-out our procurement process.

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