Rise of No-Code: Digital Transformation Accelerated

Kianda Technologies will host ‘The Rise of No-Code: Digital Transformation Accelerated’ on Wednesday, 15th September 2021 from 12:30 – 17:00 Irish Standard Time (IST). The free online event, calls and welcomes all IT and business leaders who are looking to drive digital transformation and innovation within their organisation, to the next level.

Register for free to hear industry experts share their in-depth knowledge and real-life experience with no-code application development and agile digital transformation. 


12:30 PMConference opens for networking
1:00 PM – 1:10 PMWelcome Conference Opening MessageOur host Noel Davidson opens up the conference by setting the tone for the day and invites Derya Sousa, COO of Kianda Technologies to address the attendees and also make a special announcement from team Kianda.Host: Noel Davidson – Entrepreneurs Academy

Derya Sousa – Kianda Technologies
1:10 PM – 1:55 PMThe Digital Transformation Playbook: Expert insights & advice on strategyThe panel speaks more about the business process, planning, strategy and challenges in digital transformation. It covers how enterprises are approaching this in a post pandemic world.Paul Clarke – FiguringOutData.com

Ron Immink – Tibor

Brad Revell – Infor

Tony Moroney – Beta Digital
1:55 PM – 2:55 PMThe Rise of Citizen DeveloperThe session discusses the global Citizen Development revolution and the significant value it brings to organisations and individuals.Sam Sibley – Project Management Institute (PMI)
2:05 PM – 2:40 PMFuture of Work: Rise of a new hybrid cultureThe panel covers how hiring and work culture is affected by rapid need of digitisation. Role of business analysts or citizen developers and trends on learning to use no-code solutions as a career option.Jill Maidment – Natural Talent

David Moise – Decide Consulting

Kristen Youngs – Coaching No Code Apps
2:40 PM – 2:55 PMReconciling AI with No Code SolutionsJen will share her take on how enterprises can can deploy solutions using No-code & AI.Jennifer Stirrup – Data Relish
2:55 PM – 3:30 PMBuilding Enterprise Solutions with No-Code: insights & case studyThe panel will discuss how big enterprises are taking No-code as an opportunity and the changing landscape of IT development. It also uncovers how No-code puts people at its center and best case practices of how enterprises are using No-code to built solutions rapidly.Derya Sousa – Kianda Technologies

Sofie van der Bruggen – Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services

Jamie Caine – LEADing Practice
3:30 PM – 3:45 PMThe demand for digital transformation in Oil & Gas sectorJeanette will talk about the need of stakeholder participation in digital transformation of the traditional oil & gas sector using No-code technology.Jeanette Forbes – PCL Group
3:45 PM – 3:55 PMSecuring enterprise solutions with No-code This panel will talk about the security & brand identity aspect of developing solutions rapidly.Christos Matskas – Microsoft
3:50 PM – 4:00 PMClosing Remarks
4:00 PM – 5:00 PMNetworking

What to expect at The Rise of No-Code:

– Learn why low-code and no-code technology is a rising phenomenon and how it is driving digital transformation for leading organisations, globally.

– Hear from speakers about how digitalisation and business process automation will play a key role in the future of work with a spotlight on human resource management operations.

– Get insight into how no-code development enables easy, quick and secure digital transformation.

Using the event platform – Airmeet

The Rise of No-Code: Digital Transformation Accelerated 2021 will be hosted on virtual events platform, Airmeet

We recommend using a laptop or a desktop computer with the Chrome browser for the best experience. Alternatively, you can also download Airmeet mobile apps to receive an optimum user experience.

Registered attendees will receive an email from Airmeet containing their magic link. This unique link provides access to the summit and will only be sent to those who have registered. If you have not registered for The Rise of No-Code yet, you can register here.

Network with industry experts

Networking-lounge-AirmeetBeing online, The Rise of No-Code expects to bring together industry experts from all over the world.

The networking lounge will be open from 12:30 PM to allow attendees to meet and network with peers and industry professionals, like you would at an offline conference. So, take a seat, get social and share your insights with experts in your field!

The event will commence at 1:00 PM, but don’t worry, the networking lounge will open back up once all live session have finished up. So, don’t cut your conversations short as we welcome you all back from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM to continue networking!

But, before you get back to your conversations… We have plenty of topics to be explored during speaker sessions.

The best part? There is one session for each time slot. Therefore, you get to join in on each session and not miss a single thing!

No-code-sessions-AirmeetJoin sessions and learn about no-code

The Rise of No-Code will feature a panel of 14 incredible speakers who will explore agile digital transformation through use of groundbreaking, no-code technology. 

Get first-hand insights and learn more about no-code by joining captivating sessions delivered by savvy experts.

Meanwhile, you can connect and engage with other professionals by starting a conversation or sending a personal message.

Additionally, Kianda social media platforms will post regular updates before and during the live event. For those of you who wish to join in by engaging on social media, use the hashtag #RiseOfNoCode so we can see your posts!

We look forward to welcoming you all to The Rise of No-Code Technology: Digital Transformation Accelerated 2021. If there is anybody in your network who might be interested in attending the event, please share.

If you have any questions, please contact info@kianda.com

On the other hand, we are very excited to see you all soon and we hope that you enjoy the event!