State of Digitisation 2021

We surveyed some of the participants at Future Focus 2021 on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on their workforce and business process. The results are from 125 poll participants at the event.

73% of participants reported that they were pushed to digitise their business process.

– Future Future 2021 Poll

Overall findings show that while Covid-19 was a disrupter in 2020/2021, in many cases it has proven to be an accelerator of Digital Transformation within businesses. 

A growing 41% of businesses reported that they had previously used No-Code/ Low -Code platforms in their organisation.

– Future Focus 2021 Poll

No-Code/Low-Code technology is Agile, Speedy, and Cost-Effective in its ability to implement Business Process Automation. This growing shift towards technology such as the Kianda platform into an organisations workflows, is already demonstrating such benefits as an increase in efficiency, decrease in process times, and improvements in customer satisfaction.

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