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Holiday requests

Simple Holiday Request Form

It is time to say goodbye to papers, emails or complex Excel formulas…

When you are dealing with holiday requests it is not efficient to manage them with spreadsheets. Not being able to have an overall view of the requests makes it even harder to manage.

With this easy-to-customise holiday request form, you will manage all requests in one place, track them in a dashboard and approve them efficiently.

To improve the efficiency of staff holiday requests, first step is to move this process from Excel sheets to digital forms.  

With a fast online holiday approval process, staff can request holiday, managers can approve and a record is saved in the system, giving full visibility to you so that you know exactly when your staff is on leave.

This flexible form allows you to quickly tailor the process and publish it to share with your staff.

Holiday request form
Holiday request form

Holiday request form allows employees view their balance of remaining days and raise their requests easily. Managers get notified and they simply review and approve the requests. Also scheduled reminders can be set so that if manager does not approve on time, the system sends them notifications until they approve.

This form will provide you greater visibility of the current requests and what is pending or approved.

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