Travel request dashboard
Travel request management dashboard


  1. Can I add more users from my organisation? Yes, you can add/remove users.. Kianda syncronises with your organisations 0365, Active Directory and/or SharePoint to carry user profiles.
  2. Can I include more steps into this template? Yes,  you can add more forms/steps to this workflow template for approvals or other actions.
  3. Can we submit forms while we are offline?  Yes, Kianda is available when the users are offline, have no internet connection. System synchronizes information when the user is back online.
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Any type of approval process that uses emails and spreadsheets is not efficient.  It causes lack of visibility and compliance. With digital workflows you will free-up valuable time and achieve efficiency.

Also, it is important to centralise and digitalise these type of requests to ensure there is visibility overall and avoid delays in the approval process. 

A travel request approval process is essential for every business. It is a procedure regularly used by organisations for their employees to request arrangements for a business trip. 


This template handles travel requests and approvals for employees. It allows selection from travel types such as flight/ferry/train/etc. The different travel types present differing information requirements, therefore form displays fields according to the user selection dynamically.

Also approval process can easily be extended to have multiple approval levels depending on conditions such as the value, type of travel mode, reason for traveling etc.

Overall, workflow starts with employee requesting for travel tickets and accommodation arrangements while providing purpose of the travel and passenger details. The travel department or HR review the request and make the necessary arrangements. 

In addition, the workflow can easily be expanded to allow employee travel document validation or adjust fields and settings based on employee’s profile.

When an employee starts a request, their profile including the passport details can be pre-populated based on the data stored in your IT systems.  Kianda system issues an alert notification to traveler if their passport has expired/is due to expire. When passport is expired, system can flag to the travel team; and if required, it can prevent submitting travel requests for flights.

Also, final cost reports by business unit, cost center, department or individual can be achieved via reporting dashboards.

In addition, you can make this workflow visible to all employees whether they are in your IT systems are not. By using Kianda anonymous (public) forms you can share forms publicly and let your remote staff submit requests from anywhere.

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