ATA built SAP applications 10x faster with Kianda’s no-code development platform

CompanyATA Group
IndustryPrecision Engineering
Development of SAP applications 10x faster
Increased productivity for both operations and IT
Streamlined workflows and easy collaboration

Accelerate SAP application development and delivery and increase productivity

Leading precision engineering company ATA, who recognise innovation and quality as a core priority, are on a journey to become “90% self-sufficient”, says Karl McEntee, Group Digital & IT Director at ATA.

The group turned to the Kianda no-code development platform when they were looking for an easy-to-use workflow solution to digitise their multi-step innovation process where employees submit their ideas for approval.

ATA also needed a solution that would replace manual processes with streamlined workflows along with creating a way to easily interact and make changes with their ERP system SAP.

Using Kianda, the company has streamlined a number of workflows that integrate with SAP®, allowing business users to quickly and easily build tailored SAP applications – with no need for programming.

Fast build SAP
application development

Using Kianda, ATA built applications that integrate with SAP 10x faster compared to traditional software development. Teams can easily and quickly modify SAP apps and without the need for re-deploying or changing SAP assets.

Better in-house control and self-sufficiency

Leveraging no-code development has empowered the company to create and maintain SAP applications without programming. User-friendly interface improved SAP experience for end-users, increasing employee engagement.


Higher visibility of
process metrics

The group easily created reporting dashboards to increase visibility and transparency into SAP applications and process metrics. Dashboards offered better tracking and monitoring into overall process of SAP apps and workflows.

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Anyone can use the Kianda platform to create applications; you don’t need to have an SAP background or start from scratch when you want to change. Kianda is more of a modular, agile approach.

Any process workflow where we typically had to email somebody to confirm a step is complete and subsequently send it to different departments… this has all been easily streamlined using Kianda.

Karl McEntee

Group Digital & IT Director at ATA

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