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Innovation • Digitalisation • Growth

#FutureFocus is aimed at business and IT leaders who want to drive innovation, transformation and change within their organisations.

Explore how companies in a variety of other sectors have used no-code technology to drive efficiency, cut process times and improve customer satisfaction with Derya Sousa of Kianda Technologies.

Listen to Conor O’Kelly, Chief Executive of the NTMA

outline where opportunities for growth exist in the Irish economy.

Watch “The No-Code Effect: Construction & Manufacturing Edition”

Join us to hear from industry experts on how No-code is playing an essential role in the digital transformation of the construction & manufacturing industries and preparing them for the future

The Rise of No-Code: Watch on-Demand Video​

Discover how you can take advantage of the no-code platforms that are making the greatest impact

Accelerate digitalisation to deliver an impact today

Want to know how Kianda no-code business process automation platform can help accelerate your digital transformation journey.

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