IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk

Stay in control over your IT processes with prebuilt workflow templates

In an IT department you probably use several business processes every day. You may go through the same steps each time you need to resolve an incident, prepare for a new hire, or a user requests a software.
Stressed colleagues, increased costs, duplicated work and long waiting times are just some of the problems that these processes can create, if they are not handled efficiently. Templates below are designed to help you address these issues, give you control and bring efficiency while allowing you to customise them in-house as per your organisation’s fast changing needs.

✔ IT Support / Helpdesk

Increase satisfaction and improve response times! IT Support template simplifies end-user support with an automated workflow. It allows you to resolve helpdesk tickets quickly and efficiently by automating routine tasks and providing transparency. Reporting dashboard that comes with it enables IT support team to track, prioritize, and solve support tickets rapidly.

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✔ Cyber Security Incident Response

Detect and investigate security incidents accurately! When organisations implement right strategies to cope with security incidents affecting them internally or directly their customers, they achieve faster detection and investigation. This template will allow you distinguish, manage, record and analyse security warnings or incidents to ensure you are prepared for the next time.

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✔ Change Request

By automating change request process you will operate with faster approval and deployment times. Avoid unnecessary email communications and paper work while lowering the risks associated to the change implementation. With a standard way of handling and storing the information related to this process, reporting and auditing will be easier to manage.

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