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Kianda Achieves Gold Tier Status in PMI Citizen Developer Partner Program

Kianda earns Gold Tier Status in PMI Citizen Developer Partner Program

We are delighted to announce that Kianda, the most flexible no-code development platform for business process automation has achieved gold tier status in the PMI Citizen Developer Partner Program. Earning gold status is the highest-level tier within program. This is a fantastic achievement for Kianda. Moreover, it demonstrates our efforts and participation, along with Project

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Citizen development and transformation

The science behind citizen development (and digital transformation)

The science behind citizen development (and digital transformation) Citizen development is the bridge Digital transformation does not only apply to the “technicians”, or the tech geeks but, also to the people outside of the tech world for whom digital business transformation can all be very intimidating. This can create a digital divide. Technology should never be

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Kianda no-code / low-code (NCLC) platform

Understanding Kianda Next-Generation Citizen Developer

Kianda no-code / low-code (NCLC) application development platform It all started with an idea. But, today Kianda no-code / low-code (NCLC) development platform is empowering thousands of citizen developers to drive digitalisation in their organisations. A long time ago, a young couple of IT specialists moved to Ireland from Portugal. In Ireland, they began working

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No code platforms drive innovation and empower business users

Why are no code development platforms emerging? There is a rising demand for generating more software in today’s business world. However, there is a limited number of skilled people who can create software. No code platforms are emerging because they’re much easier to learn compared to coding. No code development concept has positively changed how

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