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Low-Code / No-Code Development for SAP®

5 Top Reasons To Embrace No-Code Development Platforms for SAP®

Low-code / No-code for SAP® Application Development The chaos and unrest of the last year have triggered new work models and forced a turning point in workforce collaboration and productivity. We have all experienced the shifts toward accelerated collaborative and dynamic work. As well as the need for rapid, agile, and flexible solutions, and the

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no-code SAP enterprise-apps

Why you should embrace no-code application development to create custom enterprise apps for SAP

Osvaldo Sousa, CEO of Kianda Technologies No-code development is here to accelerate SAP application development. In this modern era, every company is a software company. It’s almost impossible to achieve your business objectives without a collection of enterprise tools to support internal functions. As a result, many businesses use SAP. A platform for enterprise resource planning

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No code platforms drive innovation and empower business users

Why are no code development platforms emerging? There is a rising demand for generating more software in today’s business world. However, there is a limited number of skilled people who can create software. No code platforms are emerging because they’re much easier to learn compared to coding. No code development concept has positively changed how

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