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5 business processes to automate

5 Core Business Process Examples to Automate to Increase Agility

It’s 2020. It’s time to optimise business processes with business process automation. Repetitive tasks without business process automation can easily become draining. However, they are critical for managing operations within an organization.  Let us emphasize. Today, leaders face multiple internal and external challenges. Hence why, it is important to be prepared, proactive and productive. Dynamic

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Onboarding process

Employee Onboarding Process

Get started with Employee Onboarding Process and welcome new hires PAPERLESS!
Eliminate the need for papers and emails rapidly by setting up your digital employee onboarding process.

With Kianda, you can digitally send a job offer to the new hire and the new hire accepting it. In addition, the template captures employee data, manager approvals and digital signatures.

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Aviation new hire onboarding

4 Great Reasons to Streamline New Hire Onboarding Process for Aviation

There are many aviation recruitment agencies available to help you hire the qualified talent within the industry. However, the real challenge starts when it comes to planning for what comes next. And this is effective induction and onboarding process of each new hire. Planning an effective new hire onboarding process is not easy and has

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