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Electronic quality management system (eQMS)

6 signs that show your Electronic Quality Management System is not flexible

6 signs that show your Electronic Quality Management System is not flexible Recent events like the Covid-19 pandemic have exposed businesses to large-scale disruption. As a result of this disruption, inefficiencies in quality processes and weaknesses in electronic quality management systems (eQMS) have created many challenges for companies. While we can’t predict the future, we

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Limitations of manual and off-the-shelf QMS

The Limitations of Manual Methods and Off-The-Shelf Quality Management Systems for QHSE

The limitations of manual methods and off-the-shelf quality management systems for QHSE Quality management systems are vital for streamlining the daily operations of a business to ensure it fulfils its mandate of quality. In addition, robust QMS ensure timely delivery of services to customers by improving the background production processes. More importantly, effective quality and EHS

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Quality management system

Why leaders seek quality management systems to ensure compliance

Quality management systems (QMS) are widely used to ensure compliance. A quality management system is a set of integrated business processes. To deliver quality in the production process, organisations use integrated business processes. A viable QMS should reflect the organisations’ vision, goals and objectives Why do quality leaders seek a viable quality management system to

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Quality management system for corrective action plan

Managing Quality Control Through an Effective Corrective Action Plan

All quality engineers and compliance managers face the need to correct some part of their process or quality management system from time to time. Many businesses regardless of their industry, face increased regulatory pressures. As a result, internal quality initiatives require companies to take a more proactive approach to their corrective action plan processes. This

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