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Managing employee absences with workflow software

Relieve administrative burden of employee absence throughout COVID-19

Employee absence and leave management without an efficient leave management system is a cumbersome task. That is, when handled across paper-based documents, spreadsheets and emails.  Using these methods is lengthy, time-consuming and prone to human error. With that in mind, the spread of COVID-19 has made employee absence management even more agonizing. That is, for administrative staff, HR

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Ticketing helpdesk

Why you need to have a Ticketing Helpdesk for Remote Working Teams

A ticketing helpdesk is not only useful for customer support. But, also for improving employee collaboration for better business outcomes and faster resolution. And co-working is fundamental to successfully conduct cross-functional business processes. On that note, effective communication between departments is crucial now more than ever before. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has forced remote

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Gulbenkian deploy tackle covid-19 with rapid return process

COVID-19 challenges and how Gulbenkian reduced the impact with digitalisation

The COVID-19 outbreak has amounted huge pressures on many organisations. Gulbenkian Foundation found themselves as one of those organisations. As a result of mass ticket cancelletations, Gulbenkian had to refund thousands of tickets. Using Kianda Platform, the Foundation deployed a rapid returns system to streamline the ticket returns process. How quickly things change Currently, the

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