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Experience the flexibility of EHSwise, our cutting-edge Health and Safety Management Software.

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“Our vision is to empower health and safety professionals, business teams and software developers, create innovative technology. We are a team of digitalisation experts focused on finding better ways to help you do more.”

CEO of Kianda, Derya Sousa.


EHSwise: Our Technology, Your Path to Safety Excellence

With EHSwise, we’re dedicated to offering cutting-edge technology to help create safe, engaged and productive workplaces. Partnering with organisations that prioritise safety of their people, we offer flexible solutions to address your evolving needs and achieve your safety objectives.

Kianda low-code platform as a force for good

Our goal is to empower software development and business teams worldwide through Kianda’s low-code platform. We collaborate with digital leaders across various industries, including construction, engineering, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals, to name a few.

Through our streamlined onboarding program, you’ll swiftly embark on your digitalisation and business process automation journey. We’ll accompany you every step of the way, ensuring that you achieve your goals of creating the enterprise technology and applications you envision.

About us - Kianda no-code platform

Over the years, our company and our leaders, alongside Kianda’s next-generation low-code platform, have received remarkable recognition, awards, and accolades.

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