No-code Digital Process Automation

Transform Paper into Digital

Do you have a goal to transform a business process from paper to digital? Whether it is a business critical approval workflow or a cumbersome employee onboarding process, optimisation and efficiency are crucial for you to ensure you are not wasting time and money.

Fast Build Solutions

With Kianda developing solutions to accelerate your digital journey and eliminate inefficiencies are easy. Build forms and automate workflows within a day, replicate them within hours and whip up customised reporting dashboards within minutes... without a single line of code.

Benefits of Digital Business Process

✔ Save Time and Reduce Costs

A digital business process built with Kianda takes away the high costs and long lead times of implementing business applications. With 10 times faster implementation and easy forms and workflow development, you will save time and reduce costs immediately.

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✔ Greater Control, Visibility and Security

Ability to create digital processes in-house gives you greater control and empowers the business users. Built-in reporting dashboards improves operational efficiency, visibility and decision-making. Enterprise-grade security architecture protects your data in Kianda at all levels.

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✔ Optimise and Centralise Information

Digital Process Automation centralises information and allows you digitise manual processes. Managing life cycle of processes from capturing data to building workflows, from generating documents to reporting dashboards brings you error and risk-free business outcomes.

Digital Business Process

Must Have Digital Business Processes


Hiring, onboarding, offboarding, holiday requests, appraisals are HR workflows that involve many steps, people, communication channels and system entries making them costly and time-consuming. Automating these processes increase productivity, cut costs and eliminate bottlenecks by making these scenarios easy to manage.



Today it is more important than ever that IT processes and resources are in line with business needs. Support ticketing, change requests, approvals, incident management are some of the processes that must be digitised and automated to ensure control and visibility over quality assurance, information security and risk management.



If your organisation is still managing approvals with emails, papers and spreadsheets, then you must consider not only time and money you are wasting but also inconsistency and error-prone results. Streamlining approval processes for project start, budget request, bid proposal brings policy enforcement and increased visibility.


Digital Business is only a few steps away from you.

10 times faster implementation with easy forms and workflow automation software.

Intelligent, Connected, Single platform for a Digital Workplace.

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