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Transform Paper into Digital

Do you have a goal to transform a business process from paper into digital? Whether it is a quality assurance or employee onboarding process, it is important that you are not wasting time and money. Start using Kianda to ensure you are moving toward a leaner organisation.

Fast Build Solutions

Manage, automate, and optimise your processes with fast build online applications to accelerate your digital journey. Create form-based business applications and reporting dashboards easily. No coding required. User-friendly workflow software for anyone.

Quality Management

If you are still managing your quality processes with spreadsheets, then you must consider not only time and money you are wasting but also the risks your business is facing.

Automate easily QHSE forms and progress reports, complete inspections, safety and compliance checklists, capture work progress throughout your operations.

Benefits of Digital Business Processes

✔ Save Time and Reduce Costs

Digital business process in easy terms is using a software that can digitalise your work processes and automate a variety of business tasks, taking away the high costs and long lead times of implementing online applications. With Kianda's easy-to-use form and workflow software, you will eliminate inefficient manual work and spreadsheets immediately.

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✔ Greater Control, Visibility and Security

Ability to develop business applications in-house gives you greater control and empowers business users. Personalised reporting dashboards improves operational visibility and decision-making immediately. Enterprise-grade security architecture protects your data at all levels.

workflow software visibility benefit

✔ Centralise Information and Optimise Collaboration

Managing life cycle of processes from capturing data to building workflows, from generating documents to reporting dashboards brings risk-free business outcomes and efficiency while centralising your data. Kianda's all-in-one platform allows company-wide collaboration and increases productivity.

Digital Business Process information


Track all your approval workflows in a single dashboard. Streamline approval processes from simple leave approvals to complex multi layered financial approvals for project start, budget request to bring policy enforcement and increased visibility.



Support tickets, change requests, approvals, asset management are some of the IT processes that must be digitised to ensure control and visibility over quality assurance, information security and risk management.


HR Management

Hiring, onboarding, offboarding, holiday requests, appraisals are HR workflows that involve many steps and system entries. Digitally managing these tasks increases productivity, cuts costs and eliminates bottlenecks.


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