No-code Business Process Automation for Everyone

How does it sound configuring your software without having to code?

It sounds great, doesn't it? And it opens up a whole new range of opportunities for innovation within your organisation.

Kianda is a no-code business process automation platform empowering business users and knowledge workers to take control and address core business process management needs themselves.

You don’t have to wait months or years to implement new systems any more. Kianda lets you create end-to-end digital experiences inside your organisation faster by giving you the power to develop enterprise apps easily and quickly.

Win against your challenges with simplified business process management

Stop wasting your time with paper work and repetitive tasks.

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Discover the innovator in you with the power of no-code development.

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No-code business process automation is for any innovator

With Kianda no-code platform, anyone with an idea can create powerful enterprise apps to optimise business process management:

  • IT Leaders
  • Business Analysts
  • HR Managers
  • Digital Leaders

... and many more.

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What can you do with Kianda enterprise apps?

Enable your organisation to meet the rapid state of digital transformation demands with optimised business process management.

The easiest way of automating tailored approval workflows

Automate inspections, incident reporting & CAPA.

Streamline onboarding, leave requests & appraisals.

Delivering business process automation solutions to many digital leaders globally.

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The most flexible no-code platform for Business Process Automation

Easily encode your business process logic into no-code enterprise apps and reduce the paper work, spreadsheets, emails and connect to your existing IT systems.

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Business process automation software

Kianda team is here to help you

Digital transformation with Kianda empowers business users to drive productivity through custom built enterprise apps without writing a single line of code.

But, this doesn't mean you are alone.
We are here to help you, guide you and onboard you so that you can deploy rapid business process automation solutions.

To show you what we mean...

  • Free customised demo?
  • Need a proof of concept?
  • Request a call back?
  • Absolutely, no problem!

Do you have a specific business process that might require digital transformation?

If so, our team will show you how Kianda business process automation platform can help accelerate digital innovation in your organisation.

Not sure exactly how Kianda can solve a business process management use case?

Not to worry, we are always here to help.

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ISO 27001 Information Security Standard Certification

ISO 27001:2013

Kianda Business Process Automation Platform is
Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certified