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Business Forms

Kianda Forms makes it possible to eliminate paper forms and streamline workflows, reducing costs, bringing greater productivity & accuracy via self-build workflow automation.
It allows businesses to self-automate their existing manual and repetitive processes, without the need for costly and time-consuming software development.

Kianda's innovation reduces the cost of building automated processes by up to 90% - replacing both existing legacy technology and paper-based solutions.

Data Connectors

Did you know that Kianda can seamlessly connect to your exisiting IT systems?
Kianda is equipped to accommodate integrations to most of the existing IT systems with a few clicks, on cloud or on promise helping you benefit from both.

It also gives flexibility of integrating to multiple backend systems in a single workflow. A user dealing with a business process that starts from a CRM tool, on approval continues with an update action in an ERP system such as SAP and finally is completed by uploading a document into SharePoint system. This complex process can be automated in Kianda without having to go near any of these systems.

BPM & Automation

Kianda BPM will allow you easily automate simple or complex workflow tasks to eliminate complete bottlenecks in your business processes.

With Kianda's easy-to-use, NO-CODE development interface, with a few clicks, even non-technical users can create rich digital forms. Any user can design processes made of professional-looking online forms without the need for coding knowledge.

Real-time Analytics

Improve your company's operations through the use of data analytics that gives you the ability to adapt and seize new opportunities.

Built-in analytics makes it a breeze visualising in real time how your business process is performing unlocking key metrics with a click of a button.

With Kianda you can easily build your graphs to visualise your business data in very beautiful and powerful charts.

Mobile Forms

Kianda is designed mobile and offline first.

It has an ultra-usable interface that provides users intuitive screens that work well across multiple devices online or offline.

It doesn’t matter which platform you use, Kianda will help you to automate, streamline and grow your business.

By transforming your business with Kianda you will accelerate business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies.

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Replace paper forms and manual workflows with elegant and smart Kianda Forms.
Build your forms and workflows instantly.
Connect and syncronise seamlessly to your exisiting IT systems on cloud or on premise.
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Automate your processes, streamline and grow your business.
Power of automation combined with NO-CODE development will allow you overcome challenges.
Available anytime, anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence meets BPM

Kianda BPM powered by Azure Machine Learning.
Integrating AI into business process automation.
See how you can provide a superior customer experience.


Revolutionise the way your company deals with customer services and queries. Kianda will assist your organisation to automate and accelerate customer interaction processes. It offers highly scalable and customisable workflow solution enabling you to design and automate time consuming customer interaction workflows and to provide quick responses and fast resolutions. Helping you operate error-free, every time.

Kianda is the ideal platform for managing patient appointments across hospitals and consultants. Easily created, customised to each organisation's individual needs forms that require no programming. From simple procedures to complex ones, a wide range of processes can be automated with minimal effort. Hospital staff, consultants can access from their PC, tablet or mobile for maximum control of their schedule.

Avoid manual work, save time and money by automating the process of new drug requests. This way, related data will be stored to enable analytical views of requests, approvals, usage details. Fully customisable solutions that Kianda offers will meet your needs in several aspects.

Kianda will make hiring easy for you. You can optimise and ease your employee onboarding procedures, avoid manual work, save time and reduce costs. Easily created, customised to your unique requirements forms with flexible business rules will make onboarding process fast and efficient. You can assign tasks to multiple staff in parallel, schedule a task to run bulk operations. Your mobile workforce can access Kianda from their PC, tablet, mobile, online or offline.

Simplify how your organisation deals with internal and external queries. With Kianda you can handle these procedures and automate them as required, connect to your data systems, enable analytical views of requests, giving you full visibility to track status and results of queries.

Process for employee expenses for both companies and staff is seen by many as overly complex. Fully customisable solutions that Kianda offers can automate these processes and remote staff can upload expense documents, enabling tracking approvals and usage details. Processes can be initiated and data capture can be performed online or offline.

Osvaldo sousa, founder of Kianda in Kianda office

Kianda is a tech start-up company, founded by Osvaldo and Derya Sousa, who are tech entrepreneurs with a great passion for innovation and pursuing new ideas. Kianda is a cloud-based business process automation platform, providing a platform within user’s browser, integrated seamlessly with back-end systems, enabling users simply build forms and workflows to streamline complex business operations.

We focus on a single goal - bringing digital business process automation and collaboration to the next level. We have been working with companies from all sizes and industries to help them achieve their digital transformation goals. Our vision for Kianda is to become a global BPM product helping enterprises realise their full potential by providing them innovative collaboration solutions to communicate, share, reduce resolution times and improve efficiency.

Kianda is located in The LINC Innovation Center in ITB, Dublin, supported by Local Enterprise Office Fingal and involved with Enterprise Ireland.

Osvaldo Sousa founder of Kianda

Osvaldo Sousa


“Tech entrepreneur with a great passion for innovation and pursuing new ideas, workflow and collaboration expert with over 17 years’ experience in the IT industry”

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even no one is watching”


Enterprise workflows, Business forms and process automation, Software development, IT advise, consultancy, web development technologies and SharePoint expertise.

Derya Sousa Co-founder of Kianda

Derya Sousa

Commercial Director

“Head of Commercial and Marketing, providing enterprise solutions for digital transformation, collaboration and business process automation”

“Innovation is not about ideas, it is about making ideas happen”


Digital Marketing, Web development and design, custom enterprise applications, databases, SAP and web integration, Content Management Systems, CRM solutions, Web services

Alan Costello Business Developer

Alan Costello

Business Development Advisor

“Strategy, Innovation & Growth for Digital Startups, helping scaling companies across multiple sectors”

“Bridging the gap, is what I love to do”


Business consultant, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategy, Mentoring, Strategic Biz Dev, Marketing Strategy, Leadership Development, Fundraising

Automating internal and external collaboration is the new way


Ready to innovate?
Transform your business, automate internal and external processes

Save up to 20% of your time and costs by automating your business processes


Save 90% on implementation costs

Unlock the secrets of increasing efficiency by using Kianda


Unlock the secrets of increasing efficiency

Automate your processes, streamline and grow your business


Automate your processes, streamline and grow your business

Build trust among your business network through Kianda


Build trust among your business network through Kianda

Stay closer and connected to your partners


Stay closer and connected to your partners

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Process Automation Without Limits

Kianda is the most efficient way to eliminate unnessary, manual and repetitive tasks and paper work.

Intelligent, Connected, Single platform for Digital Workplace.

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