Permit to work Software

Ensure high risk tasks are performed safely and in compliance with Permit to work  Software

EHSwise Permit to work system empowers you to efficiently manage the entire life cycle of the permit to work process.

Create, issue, and manage permits for all types of hazardous work . Whether you prefer a fully digital approach or a combination of start digitally and complete on paper, our system adapts to your requirements.

Eliminate Excess Paperwork with a Digital Permit to work System

Using a Permit to work system is a critical part of preparing for the safe execution of high-risk tasks.

Permit to work, requires you to have access to associated health and safety documentation and share with the stakeholders. Managing this process on paper, scattered across multiple file folders in various offices and sites, can be challenging and time-consuming for you.

EHSwise Permit to work software streamlines your entire permit to work workflow.

All tasks, from creation to approval, processing, and communication, happen digitally and in real time. All stakeholders are given visibility on permit documentation, for a better communication with your internal team and contractors. 

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Eliminate duplicate efforts in your Permit to work Processes

Monitor All Permits Across Your Operational Sites

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Gain visibility:

Get real-time insights into permits approvals, receive alerts before permits expire and easily extend and manage permits as needed.

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Accelerated Permit Processing:

Easily collect digital signatures of all parties involved, from permit holder to approver, verifier and isolating authority whether they are internal or external.

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Compliant at all times

Effortlessly handle permit to work submissions, approvals, promoting a hassle-free approach to compliance.

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Operational Cost Optimisation:

Drive cost-effectiveness by reducing operating costs associated with permit management and optimising resource allocation.

Proactive Risk Mitigation:

Enhance safety protocols and reduce risk through proactive permit management, ensuring a secure working environment.

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Enhanced Task Visibility:

Improve visibility into tasks requiring permits, enabling better planning, coordination, and execution across operations.

Simplify Permit to work Process with easy request and completion with EHSwise Permit to work Software

Permit to work EHSwise

Reduce compliance Risks and unnecessary Paperwork with Digital Permit to work System

By using a standard process for your permit to work system management, you can provide a formal procedure to your team, ensure everyone knows what precautions are required, how this should be communicated, recorded and monitored and how work should be authorised. 

All Your Health & Safety Needs in One Integrated EHS Software

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Risk Assessment

Manage safety risks and hazards effortlessly. Identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks to safeguard your workforce and protect organisational assets.

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Incident Reporting

Collect, report and monitor incidents immediately, keeping your teams safe and engaged. Upload any file type related to the incident, from anywhere.

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Audit Management

Create, schedule and complete audits and assign actions. Simplify tasks and never miss a deadline with automated reminders and action tracking.

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Efficiently analyse, investigate, and rectify non-conformances, categorised by department, site, or location for a streamlined resolution process.

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Permit to work

Create, issue and manage permits. Control permit issuance and approval, and easily access permit information.

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Event Tracking

Capture all the information related to your health and safety events; meetings, tool box talks, training, inductions, drills in a single platform.

Your Journey to Safety Excellence: Mitigate Risks in High-risk work and reduce the chances of Injury