Audit Management Software

Optimise your EHS Performance with Simplified Audit Management

Easily create a safety audit, perform inspections and assign audit-related tasks.

Capture a variety of images and attachments on-the-go. Submit without the need for re-work or delays, ensuring swift responses to any identified issues.

Bring Efficiency to Safety Audits & Action Tracking

If you’re relying on extensive paper forms for your safety audits, you might encounter issues like data re-entry, tracking completed audits, and having to enter data manually. This can easily lead to errors and inefficiencies, particularly in large-scale operations.

There is a better way.

EHSwise safety audit software simplifies audit management through user-friendly online checklists, automated notifications, and action tracking.

It empowers your teams with a clear understanding of your standard audit process, ensuring they know how and when audits must be completed. 

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Manage Audits and Inspections Easily with Safety Audit Management Software

Equipping your Team with User-Friendly tools to Manage Audits comes with Great Benefits

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No More Re-Work:

Eliminate the need for manual data entry and paper work. Once your team captures data during the audit, there's no need for re-entering data or images—the system takes care of it all.

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Full Visibility:

Gain great insights visibility into both upcoming and completed audits, including responsibilities, assigned actions, and user-friendly reports.

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Conduct Audits from Anywhere:

Enable real-time audits and inspections with the ability to upload images, documents, and assign actions anytime, anywhere.

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Share Audit Results:

Empower your team to email, export, or directly share reports with your managers, partners or clients and collaborate without any delays with generated professional output reports.

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Reduce Risks and Stay Compliant:

Identify and address potential risks before they escalate by equipping your team with the tools they need to easily build checklists, schedule and complete audits and track resolution.

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Better Understand your Audit Data:

Centralised audit data and real-time insights into audit scores will help you make data-driven decisions and keep you up to date on all safety audit results.

Prevent incidents before they occur, create a safer and more resilient workplace

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Ensure safety initiatives are followed through Paperless Safety Audits

Through an integrated EHS system, a user-friendly interface and real-time reporting, you can ensure that everyone follows a standard process to conduct audits. 

Safety audits aren’t just conducted; they’re performed to drive safety process improvements.  

All Your Health & Safety Needs in One Integrated EHS Software

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Risk Assessment

Manage safety risks and hazards effortlessly. Identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks to safeguard your workforce and protect organisational assets.

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Incident Reporting

Collect, report and monitor incidents immediately, keeping your teams safe and engaged. Upload any file type related to the incident, from anywhere.

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Audit Management

Create, schedule and complete audits and assign actions. Simplify tasks and never miss a deadline with automated reminders and action tracking.

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Efficiently analyse, investigate, and rectify non-conformances, categorised by department, site, or location for a streamlined resolution process.

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Permit to work

Create, issue and manage permits. Control permit issuance and approval, and easily access permit information.

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Event Tracking

Capture all the information related to your health and safety events; meetings, tool box talks, training, inductions, drills in a single platform.

Ready to use EHSwise Safety Audits and Inspections to Drive Safety Process Improvements?