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Health and Safety in Manufacturing Industry

Empowering Environmental, Health and Safety Leaders in Manufacturing Industry to create a safer workplace while ensuring safety compliance with the help of EHSwise, EHS software.

Simplify Health and Safety Compliance and Increase Safety Engagement in Manufacturing

Are compliance issues with safety management, operational complexity, and risk management worries weighing you down as a health and safety leader in manufacturing? 

When you can simplify EHS functions such as audits, risk assessment, incident reporting, permit-to-work and more, you can increase employee safety engagement by removing the burden and empowering your team to focus on more valuable tasks.

When your EHS software can be configured to your organisation’s unique needs, you’re laying the groundwork for consistent and resilient safety protocols while keeping your people safe. 

But that’s hard to do if manual and inefficient health and safety management in manufacturing are holding you back.

Designed specifically for manufacturing industry, EHSwise EHS software equips you with access to the necessary information to ensure safe workplace, drive efficiencies, and manage safety risks across your organisation.

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EHSwise EHS Software for Health and Safety Teams in Manufacturing

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Health and Safety Management

Improve efficiency and create safer, smarter and more compliant workplace with EHS software for Manufacturing

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Your Entire Workforce

Provide tools and resources to enhance employee health and safety engagement in Manufacturing

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Health and Safety Professionals

Take control and responsibility, keeping everyone safe and engaged with health and safety initiatives.

Find out how EHS software can help management of health and safety in manufacturing?

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Capture and manage health and safety records while keeping workers safe with EHS Software

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Risk Assessment

Manage safety risks and hazards effortlessly. Identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks to safeguard your workforce and protect organisational assets.

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Incident Reporting

Collect, report and monitor incidents immediately, keeping your teams safe and engaged. Upload any file type related to the incident, from anywhere.

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Audit Management

Create, schedule and complete audits and assign actions. Simplify tasks and never miss a deadline with automated reminders and action tracking.

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Efficiently analyse, investigate, and rectify non-conformances, categorised by department, site, or location for a streamlined resolution process.

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Permit to work

Create, issue and manage permits. Control permit issuance and approval, and easily access permit information.

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Event Tracking

Capture all the information related to your health and safety events; meetings, tool box talks, training, inductions, drills in a single platform.

Health and safety in manufacturing

Create a safe, healthy and productive workplace

Make your EHS efforts part of an integrated ecosystem, aligned towards advancing your strategic goals. 

When you save time and manual effort involved in health and safety tasks like logging hazards, reporting events and auditing machinery, your EHS management stops being a silo and starts delivering insight to help you:  

What’s the right Health and Safety (EHS) software for manufacturing?

Leading manufacturers rely on digital technology to seize opportunities to transform their health and safety management to ensure workplace safety.

And when you digitise health and safety management processes, you can streamline EHS-related tasks and procedures within your manufacturing site.

To do this effectively, you need software that’s:  

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manufacturing health and safety software

EHS software that adapts to your manufacturing needs

EHSwise is a configurable, scalable and adaptable EHS software that lets you turn your paper health and safety processes and spreadsheets into simple-to-use software that is designed for your EHS processes.

Built to promote safety engagement with a modern, offline capable and mobile first platform, EHSwise empowers you with data-driven insights through seamless integrations to other systems.

Increase your EHS performance with a modern and configurable software. Give your manufacturing health and safety practises the power to move forward.

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Organisations Achieving Great Success

Play Video about resco using ehs software

Resco Products, Inc. has serviced the refractory industry from facilities across North America and Europe. 

Eager to evolve and revolutionize its manufacturing Resco sought a solution to streamline its business processes.

After evaluating many different platforms that either weren’t easy to use or lacked the needed functionality, Resco then tried Kianda. Leveraging Kianda’s flexible platform, Resco can:

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