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Kianda No-code development and Business Process Automation
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ATA Success Story

Karl McEntee, Chief Technology Officer at leading precision engineering company ATA, talks about how his company transformed slow, manual processes into rapid digital workflows.

Using Kianda, ATA has streamlined a number of workflows that read and write data into SAP, allowing business users to quickly and easily build tailored applications connected with SAP – with no need for programming.

DEME Group Success Story

Laura Leysen, System and Tools Manager at marine engineering company, DEME Group, shares how her department used Kianda’s no-code / low-code platform to optimise their QHSE processes.

Using Kianda has enabled DEME to provide better user experience, data reporting, offline and mobile capabilities to deliver their quality processes such as observations, inspection checklists, incident reporting and many more.

Mercury Engineering Success Story

Gary Widger, Head of Change at Mercury Engineering, European contractor, shares how they built an innovative digital app called “Knowledge Vault”, using the Kianda no-code platform.

With more than 2,500 employees across 16 locations, Mercury created The Knowledge Vault to connect their people through shared knowledge and ideas to learn and evolve together as a team.

Lagan Homes Success Story

Jim Fennell, Information Systems Manager at award-winning property developer company Lagan Homes reveals how Lagan overcame huge challenges since adopting the no-code approach.

Using Kianda no-code application development platform, Lagan easily built a digital mobile app without coding, to optimise their methods for collecting, storing and reporting critical information on site and in factories.

Kianda Events

Conor O'Kelly - CEO of NTMA at Future Focus 2021

Conor O’Kelly, Chief Executive Officer of National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) joined us as a keynote speaker at our event ‘Future Focus’, which took place in May 2021.

During his session, Conor positively explores Ireland’s economic situation assuring that he is “not greatly worried” about the impact of   COVID-19 on Ireland’s economy. He emphasizes on Ireland’s resilience in previous economic downturns and where opportunities for growth exist in the Irish economy.

Philip Adams - Mercury Engineering at Future Focus 2021

Philip Adams, Head of Group IT at Mercury Engineering joined us at Kianda hosted event ‘Future Focus’, in May 2021.

In this short clip, Philip highlights some of the benefits Mercury have received from using a no-code / low-code approach to build business applications in-house, emphasizing on their most recent and successful solution ‘Knowledge Vault’, which was built using Kianda no-code application development platform.

Derya Sousa - Kianda Technologies at Future Focus 2021

Our COO and Co-Founder, Derya Sousa spoke at our event ‘Future Focus’, in May 2021, highlighting how companies in a variety of sectors have used no-code technology to drive efficiencies and digital transformation.

Derya speaks about the challenges associated with traditional software development and how no-code can eliminate these complexities and empower people to build the technology that they need, without any programming skills.

Karl McEntee - ATA
at Future Focus 2021

Karl McEntee, Group Digital & IT Director at ATA shares his experience with Kianda, highlighting the agility and speed of developing applications without coding.

With a goal to become 90% self-sufficient, ATA adopted Kianda no-code development platform to build custom applications to suit all of their requirements and allow the group to respond to the changing needs of the company immediately and efficiently.

Chris Fitzpatrick - Ardmac
at The No-code Effect: Construction & Manufacturing Edition

Chris Fitzpatrick, Technology & Innovation Manager at Ardmac joined us at The No-Code Effect: Construction & Manufacturing Edition on 20th October 2021.
Chris delivered great insight into the limitations of traditional software development, highlighting Ardmac’s newer capabilities and better outcomes having begun using Kianda’s no-code development and process automation platform.

Sofie Van Der Bruggen - Aji BioPharma at Rise of No-Code 2021

Sofie Van Der Bruggen, Senior SharePoint Consultant at Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services spoke at our event The Rise of No-Code: Digital Transformation Accelerated in September 2021.

During her session, Sofie emphasize on the flexibility and simplicity of using low-code /      no-code platforms such as Kianda compared to the difficulties with custom software development.

Platform Training

How Kianda Process Automation Platform Works

Watch how easily you can build forms and automate workflows with award winning Kianda Process Automation Platform.

Eliminate papers, bring process efficiency and empower users with no-code process development. Automate business tasks and accelerate your digital journey with pre-built workflow templates, seamless data connectors and more.

How Kianda works and how to get started with it

Transform your business processes easily into digital forms and workflows with Kianda no-code application development platform.

Create your own forms and automate workflows instantly. Connect and synchronise seamlessly to your existing data systems in the cloud or on-premise and carry out your business processes from anywhere, at any time.

What is Kianda?

To answer one of our most frequently asked questions, we have created this short video to simply explain what Kianda is. 

Watch the video to learn more about how you can easily build business applications with a no-code platform and how Kianda no-code toolkit can empower your departments to create the technology that they need and how Kianda can help you accelerate your digital transformation journey. 

Committed to managing the security

Overcome challenges of long waiting times and high costs of software development and drive innovation with ease. There are numerous benefits for your organisation using Kianda

Go further with No-code development

According to Gartner, by 2024 developing apps with
low-code/no-code tools will account for approximately 65% of all application development.

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