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Streamline Your Environmental, Health and Safety Management with EHSwise Modules

Health and safety solutions to empower safety excellence within your organisation. EHSwise Health and Safety Modules can be used independently or as a complete, integrated Environmental, Health and Safety Management System.

Digitise your EHS tasks, eliminate the need for paperwork or spreadsheets and save time and money in administration costs.

Health and Safety Solutions to Help You Manage Your Safety Practices

Risk Assessment

Document, Review, and Take Actions to Mitigate all your Risks. EHSwise Risk Assessment is specifically designed to identify existing and potential hazards in your organisation and ensure workplace safety excellence.

Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

Simplify Incident Reporting for a Safe and Productive Workplace. Reporting incidents on paper or using difficult-to-use incident reporting software makes it hard for your workforce to engage with Health & Safety practices.

Audit Management

Bring Efficiency to Safety Audits & Action Tracking. Empower your team to easily create Safety Audits, perform Inspections and assign Audit-related tasks with a clear understanding of your standard audit process.


Easily manage, report, and track non-conformance issues with in one easily accessible system. Meet your quality requirements and ensure non-conformity is kept to a minimum.

Permit to Work

EHSwise Permit to work system empowers you to efficiently manage the entire life cycle of the permit to work process. Ensure high risk tasks are performed safely and in compliance.

Safety Observations

Improve employee engagement by removing obstacles to submitting safety observation reports related to hazards, behaviours and improvement areas in your workplace.

Event Tracking

Event Tracking is built to help you easily record and share safety events such as toolbox talks, training, inductions, drills and other safety meetings. Simplify sharing of safety knowledge across your entire team.

Corrective Preventive Action

Maintain compliance, mitigate risks with EHSwise Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) process. Easily access complete history of non-conformities, action plans and assigned actions.

Training Record Management

Manage your safety training records in one centralised system. Track employee health and safety training progress, required certifications, and expiration dates easily.

Incident Reporting

Lessons Learned

Capture, share knowledge and connect all of your teams with Lessons Learned Software. Share workplace safety 'best practice' videos, webinars, talks or meetings on a single user-friendly platform.

Health and Safety Checklist

Simplify the process of uploading your current checklists, creating new ones, and sharing inspection or audit checklists easily with your teams with EHSwise Health and Safety Checklist Software.

Ensure safety and well-being of your workforce with EHSwise Health and Safety Solutions

Our suite of Health and Safety Solutions offers user-friendly and modern digital solutions for your Safety Management. Empowers you to make informed decisions both today and in the future with analytical data reporting. 

Reduce downtime and improve employee consultation with easy-to-use Health and Safety management system. Standardise your safety practises through customisable safety forms and workflows that meet your unique requirements.

EHSwise, Health and Safety Management System allows you to prioritise what truly matters: the safety and well-being of your workforce.

Learn more about Strategies for Streamlining Management of Health and Safety at Work.

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