Lessons Learned Software

Capture, share knowledge and connect your teams with Lessons Learned Software

Share knowledge and lessons gained on workplace safety best practices via videos, webinars, talks and meetings on a single user-friendly platform.

Communicate and share safety lessons learned for a safer workplace

Presenting and discussing lessons learned with the project teams, clients, management, and other parties who can benefit from them is a crucial part of continuous safety improvement programmes. 

However, sharing visuals and recordings related to lessons learned activities can be challenging if you are not using the right channels to engage your teams.

EHSwise Lessons Learned Software provides a collaborative platform where team members can actively contribute their individual perspectives and key learnings about workplace safety and learn more about shared knowledge of others.


This collaboration ensures the creation of an easy to access repository reflecting collective safety learnings of your team and ensures the retention of critical knowledge on the platform. 

EHSwise’s cloud-based Lessons Learned Software extends the operational reach of EHS platform, whether situated in an office environment or working remotely, users can watch and learn on the go shared knowledge and also contribute to the lessons database easily. This facilitates user engagement with the system regardless of their location. 

Promoting knowledge sharing, collaboration, and adaptability, EHSwise Lessons Learned Software enriches EHS practices, contributing substantively to the enduring success of projects. 


Key Features of Lessons Learned Software

Promote knowledge sharing, collaboration, and adaptability with EHSwise Lessons Learned Software

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Simplify Sharing of lessons learned:

Easily capture, document, and upload valuable insights, making it more efficient for teams to share and apply lessons from previous experiences.

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Easy Access to Lessons Learned:

User-friendly and responsive system enables field teams to easily submit learning-related files, promoting prompt communication and collaboration.

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Promote Collaboration: ​

Your teams can connect and collaborate easily, enhancing collective safety understanding across projects.

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Increased Safety Knowledge Sharing: ​

Encourages and facilitates enhanced knowledge sharing within your team ensuring a collective understanding of safety protocols and practices.​

Mercury Study Case

A leading European contractor, Mercury, with more than 2,500 employees across 16 locations, connected their people through shared knowledge with Lessons Learned Software.

Mercury deployed this to their teams with the purpose of connecting people and allowing them to share their knowledge in a “media-rich” way on-the-go.





Find out how Mercury connected their people with Lessons Learned

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Lessons Learned Software for Connected Teams

Use a single platform and easy to use format for sharing all lessons learned activities. Enable review and approval by management before key learning videos are uploaded to the platform.

By communicating and sharing the lessons learned, you can foster a culture of learning and improvement in your organisation and industry. 


All Your Health & Safety Needs in One Integrated EHS Software

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Incident Reporting

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Audit Management

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Permit to work

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Connect your teams through shared knowledge for a Safer Workplace