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Health and Safety in Logistics

Streamline health and safety management, ensure compliance and safety in logistics and transportation.

Monitor every aspect of your workplace safety easily. Stay one step ahead in managing hazardous materials, collision investigations, heavy loads, machinery operations and other safety risks with EHS Software.

Ensure Safety in Logistics Operations with EHSwise

The world of logistics and transport, by its very nature, is fast-paced and dynamic. 

With operations across various locations and sites, teams on the move, the industry faces challenges, making it particularly difficult to maintain the highest standards of health and safety. 

From the busy warehouse floors to the busy highways travelled by fleets of vehicles, there is always a chance of accidents, injuries, and non-compliance with safety regulations. 

It can be difficult to manually track safety protocols and report incidents, which can result in issues that might compromise worker safety and the efficiency of operations as a whole.

We understand the importance of having an easy-to-use solution that meets the unique requirements of the logistics industry. That’s where EHSwise for Logistics comes in.

EHSwise for Logistics is specifically designed to easily integrate with your operations, offering a comprehensive approach to ensuring safety in logistics and minimising risks. 


environmental health and safety in logistics

Navigate high-risk Work Environment in the Logistics industry seamlessly with our Flexible and Modern Health and Safety Management Solutions

Keep your workers safe with our suite of Health and Safety Management Solutions

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Risk Assessment

Manage safety risks and hazards effortlessly. Identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks to safeguard your workforce and protect organisational assets.

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Incident Reporting

Collect, report and monitor incidents immediately, keeping your teams safe and engaged. Upload any file type related to the incident, from anywhere.

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Audit Management

Create, schedule and complete audits and assign actions. Simplify tasks and never miss a deadline with automated reminders and action tracking.

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Efficiently analyse, investigate, and rectify non-conformances, categorised by department, site, or location for a streamlined resolution process.

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Permit to work

Create, issue and manage permits. Control permit issuance and approval, and easily access permit information.

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Event Tracking

Capture all the information related to your health and safety events; meetings, tool box talks, training, inductions, drills in a single platform.

EHS software for safety in logistics

Proactive Risk Management for Incident Prevention and Safety in Logistics

EHSwise for Logistics and transportation enables your company to proactively manage risks. Additionally, it helps you keep your workplace safe with suite of Health and Safety Management Solutions that are finely tuned to the needs of the industry. Moreover, it helps you identify potential hazards and assess risks related to transportation, equipment operation and warehouse activities. By anticipating and preventing incidents, you can help protect your workforce and maintain efficient operations while minimising downtime and enhancing overall efficiency.  Because EHSwise provides integrated mobile features, your field personnel can easily access and input crucial data, even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.  
health-safety-quick-tips  Discover how you can implement best practises to ensure workplace transport safety and enhance safety in Logistics.

Simplify management of Checklists, Training records and Equipment maintenance

Capture and manage your health and safety records for inspection checklists, near-miss, incident reports, training records, equipment maintenance, collision investigations and other functions. 

Additionally, customise these solutions to perfectly align with your unique requirements, giving you a customised approach to safety management in logistics. 

Eliminate paperwork stress with EHS software and take a proactive, safety-first approach. Ensure your team’s well-being and keep your supply schedules running smoothly in logistics. 

Stay updated in real-time with automated notifications and events, enabling quick responses to critical situations. Easily capture and document failed inspection responses, facilitating an in-depth evaluation of areas that need immediate attention.  

safety in logistics with EHS software
health and safety in logistics

Effective Training Management for Safety in Logistics

Streamline safety training record management, ensuring employees are fully prepared to maintain health and safety standards in the logistics sector.

Our software supports compliance management, progress monitoring and the improvement of overall safety protocols. All of which contribute to an engaged and compliant work environment. 

EHSwise for logistics and transportation not only facilitates efficient training delivery but also enables real-time monitoring and reporting. This actively contributes to a safer logistics and transportation ecosystem. 

Manage Health and Safety Risks in Logistics and Protect your Workers with EHS Software

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