Safety Observation Report

Simplify capturing observations with EHSwise Safety Observation Report.

Improve employee engagement and promote safety culture by removing obstacles to submitting safety observation reports related to hazards, behaviours and improvement areas in your workplace.

Transforming Safety Observation into Actionable Insights

Do your traditional, paper-based observation reports get stored away and go unnoticed?

Can you effectively monitor and ensure the safety of workplace activities?

With EHSwise Safety Observation Report you can enable your team to report and record safety-related observations and hazards easily.

By enabling your team to easily report safety observations, you can evaluate safety behaviours and contribute to the overall improvement of workplace safety.

Empower your team to report real-time observations easily with user-friendly software to never miss valuable safety feedback for a protected workplace. 

safety report management

Increase safety feedback in your workplace through user-friendly Safety Observation Reporting Software

Collect Feedback Easily, on Both Positive and Negative Safety Behaviour

risk management software

Proactive Risk Management:

Actively identify and address potential safety issues before they escalate, promoting a preventive approach to risk management.

safety observation compliance

Enhanced Compliance:

Ensure compliance with industry regulations by consistently monitoring and digitally recording safety observations.

safety communication EHS

Improved Communication:

Facilitate communication on safety matters among your team members, promoting a collaborative safety culture within the organiszation.

resource optimisation EHS

Resource Optimisation:

Allocate resources more effectively by focusing on areas that require attention, reducing incidents and mitigating associated costs.

data analysis EHS

Data insights:

Leverage safety observation to identify trends and patterns enabling targeted interventions and training, encouraging an active safety culture.

reduce risk EHS

Reduced Risk:

Use safety observations to identify and assess potential hazards and risks, taking proactive measures to eliminate or mitigate these risks.

Higher Safety, Higher Success: Increase Employee Consultation with Safety Observation Reporting

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Safety in Every Observation, Excellence in Every Action

By making safety observation reporting easy for your team, you will increase employee engagement in safety practices.

Easy and enhanced reporting will enable prompt investigation and resolution of safety issues before they escalate into more significant problems or accidents. 

EHSwise Safety Observation Software, featuring real-time reporting, user-friendly interface, customisable workflow ensures a proactive approach to Health and Safety Employee Consultation. 

All Your Health & Safety Needs in One Integrated EHS Software

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Risk Assessment

Manage safety risks and hazards effortlessly. Identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks to safeguard your workforce and protect organisational assets.

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Incident Reporting

Collect, report and monitor incidents immediately, keeping your teams safe and engaged. Upload any file type related to the incident, from anywhere.

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Audit Management

Create, schedule and complete audits and assign actions. Simplify tasks and never miss a deadline with automated reminders and action tracking.

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Efficiently analyse, investigate, and rectify non-conformances, categorised by department, site, or location for a streamlined resolution process.

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Permit to work

Create, issue and manage permits. Control permit issuance and approval, and easily access permit information.

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Event Tracking

Capture all the information related to your health and safety events; meetings, tool box talks, training, inductions, drills in a single platform.

EHSwise Safety Kiosk

Collect Safety Observations and Feedback to get closer to your workforce

EHSwise Safety Kiosk is a quick and easy way for workers to provide
critical safety feedback on project sites with only a few clicks.

Designed to encourage proactive engagement in safety issues,
EHSwise Safety Kiosk empower you to quickly address safety concerns.

EHS health and safety software - safety kiosk

Promote a Culture of Prevention with EHSwise
Safety Observation Report