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Create business applications
10x faster with no-code development

Leverage the power of your business through citizen development to unlock your organisation’s true potential.​ Attempting digital transformation on a large-scale is no longer enough. Kianda no-code platform drives innovation and empowers business users to accelerate digitalisation.

Limitless workflow automation

Enable business agility​ and
increase IT resources

Business is changing faster than the technology and resources available to support it. IT teams need a safe approach to enable business users to build and moderate business applications and so IT can focus on high-value activities and reduce backlogs.

Accelerate continuous

Adapt and evolve tasks and data flows to rapidly respond to new demands. Sometimes businesses can lack the visibility or means to adapt their processes quickly. Tapping into the expertise within the people closest to the business will lead to more rapid innovation.​


Proactively manage risk
through governance​

Businesses can struggle to keep up with ongoing compliance against constantly evolving controls, standards, and regulations. With strong, IT-led governance and compliance guardrails, organisations can ensure that processes follow compliance policies and practices.​

What is no-code Development?

The demand to simplify and shorten software development cycles has led to the exponential growth of low-code and no-code development.

No-code platforms allow users to focus on creating business applications by using a toolset of prebuilt components, rules and actions, rather than developing everything from scratch.

No-code development empower non-IT professionals/citizen developers and IT to quickly and easily create business applications.

Low-code application development
low-code app development

Faster delivery with reduced costs

Developing apps from scratch can be expensive.
Long gone are the days when business used to wait months or years to address their needs.

With no-code platforms you can allow your teams to rapidly develop and deliver business applications.

Agility and continuous improvement

No-code development approach is agile and flexible and can tailor to your business’ unique needs. Stay agile and lean to respond quickly to changing business needs.

Deliver continuous improvements and increase user experience with user-friendly, responsive interfaces.
no-code platform
Low-code enterprise app development

No-code development increases productivity

Connect business and IT with no-code development.

Enable more people to create technology and drive innovation with an easy-to-use no-code platform.

Increase developer productivity with no-code toolkit of components, rules and actions.

Why Kianda no-code development platform?

Limitless workflow automation

Industry-leading expertise

From onboarding to implementation, and beyond our experts will provide you an excellent customer support you to ensure your success.

A user-first platform

Especially designed with user experience and simplicity in mind, our platform aims to do one thing – make digitalisation simpler for makers and users.


A customer-driven product

Our product is shaped by you – our customers. This means our team is focused on delivering you the features you need to succeed.

No-code platforms drive innovation and empower business users

Why are no-code development platforms emerging?

There is a rising demand for generating more software in today’s business world, but a limited number of skilled people who can create software. No-code platforms are emerging because they’re much easier to learn compared to coding.

By 2023 the quantity of citizen developers within larger enterprises will be at a minimum of 4 times the number of professional developers.

Accelerate Business Success with Kianda no-code development platform

  • University Hospital Group builds a modern purchasing system to enable efficient reporting and forecasting with Kianda no-code platform

    Using Kianda no-code platform, Galway University Hospital, Saolta Healthcare digitally transforms manual purchasing system.

  • Philanthropy organisation, Gulbenkian Foundation easily build complex, integrated workflows using Kianda no-code platform

    Using Kianda no-code platform, Gulbenkian Foundation accelerate digital transformation by rapidly building complex workflows.

  • Resco selects Kianda as their preferred no-code development platform after trialing 86 other platforms

    US manufacturer Resco Products selects Kianda no-code platform as the best match following an analysis of 86 top platforms to structure their data, replace cumbersome legacy tools, automate their approval processes and overall improve business process management.

  • World leading engineering company DEME uses Kianda to optimise quality management to ensure compliance and safety

    Global Dredging, Environmental and Marine Engineering company used Kianda’s no-code/low-code platform to optimise their quality processes such as observations, inspections and incident reporting.

  • ATA built SAP applications 10x faster with Kianda’s no-code development platform

    Leading precision engineering company turned to Kianda to accelerate in-house application development and increase productivity and efficiency for their business processes across multiple departments.

  • Mercury connected their people through shared knowledge with innovation portal app using Kianda no-code business process automation platform

    European engineering contractor, Mercury leveraged no-code automation to speed up application delivery. The company built a custom app “Knowledge Vault” with a purpose to connect their people and allow them to share their knowledge in a “media-rich” way on-the-go.

  • Construction company Lagan digitally transforms inefficient data collection processes into rapid, streamlined workflows

    The company has built several workflows that allow accurate site management, data-collection, easy reporting, and effective collaboration with third-party employees using the Kianda no-code development platform.

  • Gulbenkian Foundation deploys a rapid returns process to tackle mass ticket cancellations due to COVID-19

    Thousands of tickets had to be refunded. Manually managing these returns processes would take weeks or months. Instead, Gulbenkian Foundation built an application using Kianda’s no-code technology and delivered an end-to-end digital returns process in 24 hours.

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