Resco selects Kianda as their preferred no-code development platform after trialing 86 other platforms

Resco selects Kianda as their preferred no-code development platform after trialing 86 other platforms

CompanyResco Products
CountryUnited States


Kianda chosen as the most flexible and easy to use no-code platform out of 86 top providers
Rapid transformation of manual processes into digital applications
10 key technical criteria to select the right no-code application development platform

U.S. manufacturing company speeds up data collection by automating business process management

Resco Products, Inc. has been servicing the refractory industry for over half a century with facilities across North America and Europe and are constantly looking to evolve and revolutionise the way they do manufacturing from a digitalisation standpoint. 

Cumbersome, siloed legacy systems, disjointed paper and email processes are the thorns in the side of any modern digital workplace. Daniel Wertz, IT director at Resco Products, wanted to solve this with an easy-to-use, flexible toolkit to streamline data collection and reporting while seamlessly integrating processes with data systems.

With very specific requirements and a strict list of criteria to be matched, Daniel analysed and trialed 86(!) low-code / no-code (LCNC) platforms to decide which vendor he would use for automating business processes. Unsatisfied with none of the 86 players, Daniel then discovered and chose Kianda’s no-code application development platform as the top provider that matched all of their requirements.

Digitally transformed inefficient processes

Clunky, siloed legacy systems, disjointed paper and email processes were digitised using Kianda no-code platform. Enabled Resco to rapidly ideate, design, develop and deploy applications and improve productivity.

Quick and easy
process management

Using no-code enables Resco to be more agile and innovative. The ability to design and publish new online forms or workflows in 1 hour saves time and improves data collection, reporting and overall business process management.


Rapid app development and user onboarding

The LCNC approach enables the Resco team to build, deliver and continuously adapt their workflows. With the speed of onboarding, ease of use and flexibility of the Kianda platform, Resco is realising impactful change.

What were the main challenges before automating business processes?

Resco had tried other workflow solutions before but found them to be cumbersome. The new solution had to be easy to use, flexible, reliable and accessible from any location and any device.

Moreover, automating business processes and creating business applications needed to be faster, easier and more cost-effective than traditional software development. To digitally transform processes such as incident reporting, general QA data collection, capital expenditure approvals and purchasing approvals, amongst others.

Resco were on a mission to find the most flexible low-code / no-code application development platform. Daniel had a vision in mind and knew exactly what he wanted in the functionality of this LCNC platform and had 10 key technical criteria to choose the right solution.   

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I did review 86 different platforms. I needed something that was intuitive on all levels and provided flexibility. When I found Kianda, I ended up getting all of these and more on the way.

The basic functionality is what sets it above the rest. That, combined with the Kianda track record, made Kianda an easy choice.

Daniel Wertz Profile

Daniel Wertz

Director of IT at Resco Products

86 top platforms evaluated and Kianda selected as the #1 low-code / no-code platform

Resco desired a solution that would ensure that their processes could grow with the business. After reviewing 86 well-known platforms, few quickly fell short of what was required. Others went through trial periods and might have been close to what was wanted, but not quite there.

Kianda was selected as the top platform that provided Resco with a business process management solution that undeniably fit their list of requirements, enabling them to continuously address their challenges.

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Learn how a leading US Manufacturing company streamlined their business processes and increased productivity with the help of the Kianda no-code platform.

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