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HR Employee onboarding and offboarding

business process automation Kianda

Recruiting, induction, leave requests, appraisals, approvals and employee feedback are some of the workflows typical human resources (HR) department deals with. All of these HR workflows involve multiple department approvals, system entries, communication channels and documents making it lengthy and expensive in terms of resources and effort.

HR department that operates with workflow automation ensures a better employee experience and successful business outcomes.

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Case Study: Primera Air

Travel and Expense Management

Submission of travel allowance and expenses can be done via an online form, with images of receipts uploaded as attachments while sending automated notifications to department managers. With what Kianda platform can offer, reviewing processes and auditing are now quicker and easier.

These request forms and image attachments can be submitted from mobile devices even when there is no network connection. This improves significantly how mobile workforce manage their expenses. With Kianda they don’t have to wait until they are back to office, they can now manage their expenses while they are abroad, at airport, in-flight or anywhere they want.

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business process automation Kianda

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