Mercury connected their people through shared knowledge with intuitive digital app using Kianda business process automation platform

Leveraging no-code to speed up application delivery

European engineering contractor, Mercury has close to 2,500 employees across 16 locations was faced with a big challenge in trying to connect their people and allow them to share their knowledge to drive innovation across the company.

Prior to using a digital platform, Mercury was using a manual process driven by excel, email and manual data-entry which often led to challenges such as not being able to connect people in a single platform.

The company built a custom platform “Knowledge Vault” with a purpose to connect the people and allow them to share their knowledge in a “media-rich” way on-the-go.

Kianda is flexible and agile and Kianda's team always deliver and understand the importance of having a trusting relationship. When you trust your partner, you go further together.

Any digital transformation that wants to be lean and agile will get value from embedding Kianda into their solutions.

Gary Widger - Head of Change at Mercury

Download PDF and watch full video interview with Mercury's Gary Widger