University Hospital Group builds a modern purchasing system to enable efficient reporting and forecasting with Kianda no-code platform

CompanyGalway University Hospital, Saolta Healthcare Group
Digitised & modernised manual purchasing system in less than 1 month
Fully integrated with core legacy systems enabling easy reporting
Responsive mobile app enabled remote work

Using low-code / no-code to digitally transform purchasing management system

The Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering (MPCE) department at Galway University Hospital (GUH), Saolta Healthcare company leveraged no-code / low-code development to replace their inefficient purchasing management system with a flexible, user-friendly and modern purchasing system.

Prior to using Kianda, the MPCE department were facing difficulties with their equipment management system which couldn’t cope with purchasing facilities or ever-changing healthcare demands. In addition, to execute daily purchasing management activities, the team was juggling between Excel, Word and Outlook.

Lack of visibility into spending, forecasting and budgeting became a major issue for them. MCPE department decided to move beyond off the shelf applications due to their limitations and invest in an all-in-one low-code / no-code platform. One, that would allow them to build custom business applications to overcome these challenges by allowing them create the system that meets their unique requirements.

Using Kianda, the MPCE department easily built an end-to-end purchasing system fully integrated with other data systems, including 16 year old legacy equipment management system, in just under 1 month. Along with optimising procurement management, they have significantly improved tracking, reporting and monitoring expenditure and enhanced user experience.

Integrated with core
legacy IT systems

The MCPE department easily integrated their purchasing system with SharePoint, PowerBI and other data systems, allowing data to be consolidated within a single location for streamlined reporting.

Flexible and user-friendly purchasing system

Using no-code / low-code development enabled the MCPE department to build and deploy a custom procurement management system, continuously adapting to ever-changing healthcare demands.


Better visibility and enhanced reporting

The MCPE department's new purchasing system built with Kianda derived great results with flexibility on data collection, integrations and reporting. With customisable dashboards, teams can carry out purchase approvals and report on costs from any location on any device.

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“Using the Kianda platform, there is now a big opportunity to build more processes.

With challenges ahead, it is systems like Kianda that are going to help us get over those battles to improve our systems for patients”.

Michael Duane - Saolta Healthcare - purchasing system case study

Michael Duane

Principal Clinical Engineer at Galway University Hospital, Saolta Healthcare Group

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Learn how the MCPE department at Galway University Hospital transformed
their inefficient purchasing system into a modern digital application.
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