Philanthropy organisation, Gulbenkian Foundation easily build complex, integrated workflows using Kianda no-code platform

CompanyCalouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Rapidly built complex integrated workflows involving customers and multi-teams
Fully integrated with core legacy systems enabling easy reporting and collaboration
Empowered organisation to continuously adapt to ever-changing demands

Leveraging no-code development to rapidly build complex, integrated workflows

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation has been improving the quality of life for people through the arts, charity, science and education for more than 65 years. On a mission to ensure sustainability, innovation and social and cultural cohesion, the Foundation sought a true no-code platform to mass digitalise and build complex, integrated workflows.

A mixture of paper, excel and cumbersome systems derived many challenges for the organisation. Long software development cycles, lack of flexibility within current systems, inability to integrate data sources and apps and inefficient collaboration were amongst the difficulties Gulbenkian faced prior to adopting a no-code approach. 

Moreover, relying on professional developers meant waiting at least 6 months for a new system or process. In addition, the complexities of traditional software development made it very difficult to modify or extend solutions when new requirements were needed. As a result, the Foundation lagged when it came to creating new solutions or maintaining current solutions, affecting their ability to adapt to organisational demands.

Using Kianda, Gulbenkian have digitally transformed a variety of core business processes and have built 80+ complex workflows fully integrated with their data systems, involving customers and multi-functional teams. They have built fully integrated workflows in as little as 24-48 hours, significantly enhanced productivity, data collection and reporting and customer interactions along with enabling successful remote working.

Easily built complex workflows in 24-48 hours

Using Kianda has empowered teams at Gulbenkian to quickly and easily address their digitalisation demands themselves without relying on IT.
This has significantly reduced the amount of time required to build digital solutions, with integrated workflows being built in 24-48 hours.

Flexible, customisable & adaptable solutions

No-code development enables teams at Gulbenkian to easily and independently modify or extend solutions as and when the business needs. The flexibility of Kianda allows the Foundation to continously adapt to new requirements and / or ever-changing organisational demands.


Enabled fully integrated work environment

Kianda no-code platform enabled the organisation to build 80+ fully integrated workflows involving customers, multi-teams and core data systems. This unified work environment facilitated streamlined and efficient reporting, collaboration and remote working.

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“Kianda allowed us to evolve the entire lifecycle of the process, from the first input to the report about it. 

It’s really no-code! It’s easy to use, easy to understand, fields and rules allow us to do everything we need on our own. It’s also easy to change, to adapt and to deploy new versions to customers.

For 21st century, I think platforms must react like Kianda does.”


Vladimiro Sousa

Organisation Manager at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

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Learn how the Gulbenkian Foundation leveraged no-code to quickly and easily build complex integrated workflows.

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