Gulbenkian Foundation deploys a rapid response system to tackle mass ticket cancelation due to COVID-19

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Thousands of tickets to be refunded using Kianda Platform to streamline end-to-end returns process

COVID-19 pandemic that started in January 2020, has changed our daily lives globally like no other event before. It has completely disrupted many aspects of both, our personal and professional lives. Subsequently, many businesses have been struggling with operational activities, as this was needless to say, unexpected.

As the disease continues to spread, live event organizers have cancelled or postponed large gatherings in order to contain the virus. Technology conferences to major concerts have all been put on hold.

Like many other businesses, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation has faced similar issues. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they had to cancel many of their concerts and events. As a result, The Foundation is required to return thousands of tickets. Manually managing these returns processes would take weeks or months and would result in customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, the organisation realized that a manual solution would not be feasible.

Within 24 hours, an end-to-end digital returns solution was created

Kianda Platform as an agile solution, is highly suitable and flexible for creating customised business applications.

As a result of events cancelling, thousands of tickets had to be returned at a fast pace. Gulbenkian Foundation executed a digital solution.

To act quickly, Gulbenkian Team developed a rapid Kianda returns process customised to their unique needs.

Most noteworthy, they designed the entire process just under 24 hours. Impressively, the entire process was built in under 24 hours. It took the team one week in total to develop, integrate, test and deploy the new returns process. A traditional approach to development would have taken at least 12 weeks.

The new returns process enabled the following:

Fast build returns process has been a great example of agility in Digital Transformation

Using Kianda platform has enabled Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to implement a digital returns process at a fast pace. As a result, communication and collaboration has improved and clients have successfully been updated.

Certainly, the Foundation could respond fast and reduce the impact to their business through these turbulent times.


Access to remote
working team

nabling access to remote working team from anywhere

12x faster app

End-to-end digital returns process was build 12x faster

Responses to clients
under 24 hrs

Rapid customer response system to ensure customer retention

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Kianda has been a huge success in our company. It has given us the ability to automate our processes in a simple way, from start to end and integrate our workflows with applications and systems that our organization uses.

From the simplicity of how we design forms, to the way we can use rules, it allows us to create workflows rapidly.

Vladimiro Sousa

Organisation Manager at Gulbenkian Foundation

How Gulbenkian, a well-established 65 years old organisation embraced Digital Transformation

The Foundation has been using Kianda Platform for almost 2 years. Since onboarding, they have transformed more than 40 different processes into digital applications.

Automating manual tasks and streamlining their day-to-day operations provided them cost savings and productivity increases. In addition, digital solutions have reduced the need for paper-based documents, promoting sustainability internally.

Know more about Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is a Portuguese institution dedicated to the promotion of the arts, philanthropy, science, and education, established in 1956 and employs more than 500 people.

"Digitising our processes with Kianda gave us the ability to reduce the time and resources spent in the implementation and allow us to create more efficient work processes within our internal team. Kianda’s team has been exceptional at every level.” recommends Vladimiro.

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