Construction company Lagan digitally transforms inefficient data collection processes into rapid, streamlined workflows

CompanyLagan Homes
CountryIreland & UK
Optimised data collection on site and in factories
Developed an app with no-code in only 1 day
Streamlined workflows improved collaboration and efficiency

Transform inefficient processes by automating data collection with rapid, streamlined workflows

Having issues managing data collection processes, gathering information manually using spreadsheets, paper, and manual data entry, the company knew that using these methods to collect critical information on their site operations would be time-consuming and challenging to track and monitor.

Lagan Homes has built several applications such as digital forms that record daily employee temperature to ensure a safe return to the workplace, snagging list that allows accurate data collection, easy reporting of issues, and effective collaboration with sub-contractors amongst many others.

Kianda’s no-code development platform enabled Jim Fennell, IS Manager at Lagan Homes, to digitise core business processes and implement streamlined workflows on-site and in manufacturing facilities in order to collect, record, and track information in an efficient and agile manner. Automating data collection management has generated significant benefits for the company, such as substantial cost savings, better quality management, and increases in traceability, and overall efficiencies.

Fast build apps and streamlined workflows

Using Kianda, Lagan have quickly and easily built many applications and digital forms fully integrated with existing data systems. The ability to build apps fast has enabled them to replace inefficient paper and excel-based processes with rapid, streamlined workflows.

Better in-house control using no-code

Leveraging the no-code approach empowered Lagan's non-technical employees to build and maintain business applications without the need for coding. As a result, they have gained better in-house control and can continuously optimise data collection and other processes.


Ease and speed of data collection and reporting

Use of digital forms and workflows improved data collection, tracking and reporting for teams on site and in facilities. Automating data retrievement and getting full insight via custom dashboards increased visibility and transparency into quality, health and safety.

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One of the key factors, when we were looking at Kianda, was the no-code rapid development, but also there’s a lot of links to other systems that the Kianda Platform offers so that we can link it to our SharePoint and our SQL database.

We have been actively using Kianda, and it’s giving us information that we were never getting before, very quickly. Building forms is pretty simple, even for somebody like me with no coding experience.

Jim Fennell

Information Systems Manager at Lagan Homes

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