Mercury Engineering optimises project approval process with Kianda business process automation platform

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IndustryEngineering & Construction
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Enhanced project approval management
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Construction company optimises and speeds up project approval process

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Mercury Engineering is one of the innovators when it comes to digitalisation in the construction industry. As one of the largest multi-disciplinary engineering companies in Europe, having streamlined business processes is imperative for them.

Fiona McCabe, Business Applications Manager who has been using Kianda for more than 3 years says they introduced Kianda into Mercury to simplify and improve their project approval process called “Authority Matrix” to ensure certain steps have been taken for key commercial decisions.

What were the main challenges?

Managing the project approval process via Excel

Historically this process was conducted via Excel which required manual steps of printing, signing, scanning and finally emailing to the next approver on the list. Very often, with people in remote locations, project approval times took too long. The new solution had to be easy to use, reliable and accessible from any location and any device.

Slow load times, workflows breaking mid process, every issue being outsourced and poor reporting

Before moving to Kianda, they implemented a different process management solution which did not meet their needs and presented some key challenges such as slow load times, workflows breaking mid process, every issue being outsourced and poor reporting capability.

“We didn’t want to implement another solution that would need professional consultancy costs every time something required enhancement. Kianda was an obvious solution. It was low-code and meant I could take on a huge amount of the work myself. I couldn’t believe my luck to discover I could deliver this to the business myself.” adds Fiona.

80% faster load time
with online forms

75 hours of company time is being saved annually solely from online forms loading faster and quick approval management using Kianda. Project approvals are being completed quickly, smoothly and without delay.

Design an automated workflow process in 1 hour

Ability of designing and publishing a new online form or process workflow without any coding in less than 1 hour. Using no-code enables Mercury to rapidly develop and deploy approval management processes and more.


94% less support tickets due to increased efficiency

Support tickets raised for this project are now almost down to nothing. Mercury IT team is now dealing with only a couple of support queries per month. Approval management has never been easier.

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I can’t begin to explain how valuable this has been to have the knowledge and skills myself. Someone nabs me in the corridor and mentions an issue. Rather than “I’ll log it with the provider” instead now I’m able to ask them real questions to understand whether this is something I can address myself or if I’ll need to involve the Kianda team. I truly didn’t realise how empowering this would be.

Fiona McCabe

Business Applications Manager at Mercury Engineering

How Kianda addressed the challenges and offered extra capabilities for project and approval management

Kianda provided them a solution which could both address these challenges as well as offer extra functionality and capability. It synced into their existing systems while addressing the challenges. Online forms provided faster load time, easy reporting capability and most importantly ability to bring knowledge in-house to extend and maintain the project approval process solution.

80% faster performance with online forms

With Kianda, process form loads 80% faster compared to the previous solution. Users start interacting with the approval process either from a link in an automated email notification or from Mercury SharePoint Online Dashboard. From either entry point users are re-directed from SharePoint to Kianda Form. Overall, 75 hours of company time is being saved annually solely from online forms loading quicker with Kianda.

Accurate approval management and project KPI’s via easy-to-use reporting dashboards – “Reporting is a breeze with Kianda”  

Managers have different requirements for reporting – one is concerned with workflows in progress; another is concerned with reviewing the total overall commercials. The detailed reports achieved through easy to customise Kianda dashboards has aided productivity for the management team.
“Kianda Dashboards are so simple to create and use. Admittedly, the first one I created did take me a bit of time to wrap my head around it, but then I was flying and was creating custom dashboards in under 10 minutes upon request while the manager stands at my desk telling me what they want! – It sends a really positive message to the senior managers when I can address their requests in house”. says Fiona.

Eliminating emails, spreadsheets and paper work  

Newly introduced ‘Query’ function within each workflow saves Mercury a lot of time – it allows requestors and approvers to collaborate in a single point and carry out project approvals efficiently.

Rather than sending emails or making calls, they can send each other comments throughout the process flow. Automating approval management for Mercury is eliminating multiple emails, phone calls; saving time and phone bills.

Mercury optimises online forms and project approval process

Faster workflow development times and in-house control

Because Kianda has been working very well for Mercury, they are now introducing new approval online forms in-house. Fiona highlights how fast she can implement a new workflow herself.
“Clone a process already in place, tweak a few little rules to suit the new process, less than 1 hour of my time and I was issuing a new process for UAT. Who wouldn’t recommend a product that gives you that type of ability?!”

94% less project approval and support queries

Mercury IT team is now dealing with only couple of support queries per month related to this particular project.
“I’m based within the Group IT team so while not an end user of the workflows myself, even I experienced a positive improvement as the volume of incidents and issues went from approximately 12 per week to 3 per month. Most of the “issues” we experience are generally the user doing something wrong, or not sure how to use the functionality” highlights Fiona.

Mercury also digitised their employee onboarding and health and safety Management

This particular project approval workflow is not the only area where Mercury use Kianda. They also use it to capture health and safety information – this is merely a staff member spots something that health and safety should know about (good or bad) and logs through Kianda. They are also automating their HR employee onboarding and induction process which will be delivered via Kianda to digitise the entire new hire onboarding from HR pre-employment procedures, capturing new hire digital signatures to induction tasks and offboarding.

We had several processes which needed to be automated, transforming from paper into digital, with our staff dispersed across many jurisdictions with many working remotely and on-the-go and a need to support collaboration from laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Kianda’s low-code product was ideal to meet our needs, reduced processing time throughout the company and brought key knowledge in-house recommends Fiona McCabe.