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Capital expenditure / CapEx workflows

Why a digital capital expenditure workflow accelerates budget approvals

Investing in fixed assets has a strong impact on both short and long-term financial standing of a company. Therefore, managing capital expenditure / CapEx approvals requires enormous effort and attention to detail to avoid errors.  Many organisations hesitate when it comes to investing in new and advanced systems for operational activities. This is simply down to trying

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Digital procurement process - procurement management

How to manage your Procurement Process efficiently to reduce costs and risks

Digital technologies such as procurement software are becoming more widely used to carry out procurement process. However, some are still stuck using outdated methods for procurement management. Is your procurement process slowing things down? Are you using traditional ways to manage your procurement process? If your answer is yes then, it is time to boost your

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Purchase order management

Purchase Order Process

FAQ 1. Does this template allow us to upload documents? Yes, absolutely.  You can upload supplier invoices or any documents. You will need to set up a data connection to define a file storage location. 2. Can the tickets be assigned to a group of people instead of individuals? Yes, tickets can be assigned to

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Per diem request dashboard

Per Diem Approval Workflow

FAQ 1. Can per diem rates be calculated with different currencies? Yes, this can be achieved by setting up currency and rates in each location in a data source.  In the form, when user selects a location the currency and the rate can reflect the selection. 2. Can a manager approve via email? Yes, absolutely. This

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Aviation per diem management

How to optimise Per Diem Management for Aviation

What is Per Diem anyway? Per Diem means Per Day. Also, referred as daily allowance. It is a particular measure of money an organisation provides for an individual to ensure better expense management. To be more clear, it is frequently a representative of the organisation. It covers everyday costs when travelling for work. A per

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Mobile expense management software

4 good reasons to automate your travel and expense management

Still managing Employee Travel and Expenses manually, with paper receipts, spreadsheets and emails? Then you must consider not only time and money you are wasting. But also, inconsistency and error-prone results your business might be exposed to. Process automation can help eliminate issues like these and let you focus on productivity. That is, without worrying

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