Human Resource Management

Accelerate your HR digital transformation with prebuilt workflows

Human Resource management processes such as employee onboarding, induction, holiday request, performance appraisal all involve multiple department input, system updates and communication channels, making it lengthy and expensive.

Provide a better employee experience and achieve successful business outcomes

An HR department that operates with standard processes, ensures that step-by-step tasks are efficiently carried out, providing better employee onboarding and overall experience. And best of all, you do not have to have programming skills or hire developers to maintain your HR processes. You can adjust them within HR teams and reduce the workload from IT teams throughout your digital transformation journey.

✔ Employee Onboarding

It's time to welcome new hires paperless! Eliminate the need for paper rapidly via digital workflows for capturing new hire data, uploading documents securely, manager approvals and digital signatures.

This template will help you effectively manage onboarding workflow and allow team members and new hires to collaborate in a single place.

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✔ Employee Appraisal

Managing Employee Appraisals is not a hassle anymore! This template provides a single place for HR to organise and overview appraisal process for all employees of the organisation.

With this template the process flows digitally and efficiently without delays whereby management and employees receive automated alerts until they assess, provide feedback and complete their tasks as required.

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✔ Travel Request

If you are managing travel requests via emails, spreadsheets then it is time to explore workflow automation. A travel request review and approval process are essential for every business.

Optimisation of this will ensure predefined approval policy is in place and bring accuracy. This workflow template handles travel requests for different travel types and approvals for employees.

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✔ Holiday Request Form

Say goodbye to papers, emails or spreadsheets! With our holiday request form you will gather all the information in one place, synchronise to your systems and provide digital or even lazy approvals.

Customisable approval rules based on user profiles, calculating dynamically remaining days will bring ease to your leave request process.

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