Build custom forms and workflows without a single line of code. Processes that range from employee onboarding to complex accounts payable. Signatures, approvals, requests and archiving are all orchestrated.


Unlimited forms and workflows    

Single platform with unlimited forms / workflows.

Simple and quick way for non-technical users to build complex process workflows.

Streamline manual and paper-based processes with just a few click.

Increase productivity, save time & money.

Make your operations free from error, every time.

business process automation Kianda

NO-CODE Workflow Designer    

business process automation Kianda

Why is it so easy to use?

With its no-code, drag and drop designer, anyone can build workflow solutions.

User-centric approach gives complete design flexibility.

Flexible controls, business rules, settings and actions.

Create rapidly rich interactive forms and workflows.

Highly customisable.

Custom Designed Dashboards    

Create and manage custom dashboards.

Reading your data made easy.

Customise your dashboards with beautifully designed layouts, charts, lists and more widgets.

Set permissions, rules, select the type of information that will appear in each widget.

Built-in analytics makes it a breeze visualising in real time how your business process is performing.

Exporting data from lists has never been this easy.

Insert an image, pick an icon you want, make your dashboards stunning.

business process automation Kianda

Data Connectors    

business process automation Kianda

Easy to connect APIs provide seamless single step connections to:

  • SharePoint Online / On-premise
  • SAP
  • SQLServer
  • SalesForce
  • DocuSign
  • File System
  • Web Services and more…

Single sign-on integration with SharePoint.

Kianda Cloud Connect (KCC) integrates to your data systems on-premise or in cloud.

Brings together all your business data instantly.

Simple document generation from process data.

High performance focused experience.

Offline & Mobile First    

A Progressive Web Application.

Doesn’t matter whether you are online or off-line, which device or browser you use.

Kianda will give you not only access to your data but also ability to submit forms.

Submit forms to claim expenses while abroad, while in-flight.

Excellent for mobile workers.

Consistent user experience.

Anytime. Anywhere.

business process automation Kianda

Automate repetitive tasks    

business process automation Kianda

Scheduled tasks that go beyond email automations.

Easily create and manage the tasks till completion.

Great flexibility around frequency options, you can automate almost anything.

Set up reminders for staff, create new records within your data system.

Generate nightly reports to be delivered to your email.

Set reminders to be sent days, weeks, or months later.

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