DEME Group transforms QHSE management, improves data reporting and provides a better user experience

User engagement increased significantly
Fully built in-house with
no-code / low-code development
Mobile app with offline capabilities eliminated manual re-work

Using low-code development to enhance quality management

World leading marine engineering company DEME with more than 5,000 employees, sought to improve their QHSE processes to provide a better user experience and ensure compliance and safety.

Due to some of the complexities of their previous system, users regularly had to conduct manual re-work, which was creating challenges with user engagement and tracking and analysing critical QHSE data.

DEME’s system and tools department trialled many digital tools to combat their challenges until they came across Kianda’s no-code / low-code development platform in which they built their new QHSE platform “Apprise”.

Using Kianda, DEME made many improvements in QHSE, enabled easy reporting of inspections, observations, incidents and green initiatives and ultimately received great feedback from users according to Laura Leysen, DEME’s system and tools manager.

with IT systems

Easily integrated with DEME's SharePoint, PowerBI and other systems

Better in-house

DEME's team fully developed and delivered the QHSE system "Apprise"


Easy data

Achieved great results with flexibility around data reporting

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Using Kianda, we really made a lot of improvements in QHSE because we can now really work with the data.

We are really happy with the results and we also see the benefits and the happiness within our end-users. Thanks to Kianda we know that we can do a lot more with the system.

Laura Leysen

System and Tools Manager at DEME

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