Optimize IT Service Management with no-code automation

Transform your operational and IT workflows to scale at ease. Streamline operations to empower teams to focus on high-value projects, increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Impactful workflow management solutions
for operational success

Kianda is your no-code toolkit, empowering you to create IT automation and workflow management solutions easily. Solve your technical ticketing backlogs and enable rapid business application development, catering to multiple functional areas, all within your custom-built operations management system.

Tech stack modernisation​

Organisations need to modernise legacy systems, to augment and equip their existing technology stack with modern technologies. With Kianda, the operations team can leverage legacy applications with cloud-native architectures, thereby reducing IT complexities, infrastructure costs, data inconsistencies and redundancies and enhancing workflow management.

Seamless integrations for better workflow management

Ensuring your operations and IT workflows engage with one another seamlessly is at the heart of enterprise architecture and digital innovation. Automating operations with Kianda drastically improves workflow management as the platform integrates with almost all 3rd party systems, irrespective of whether the data is hosted on premise or cloud based.


Easy IT operations automation

Kianda offers a wealth of pre-built templates and workflow management solutions to accelerate application development and pull back from reliance on traditional hand-coding. Kianda’s visual drag-and-drop designer allows for quick IT operations automation and for more advanced solutions to be created easily, without coding, for a business and user-friendly experience.

Rapid app development​ to streamline operations

Kianda no-code application development platform enables highly sought-after functionalities for typical enterprise-grade applications to streamline operations. Its robust functionality and feature set enables custom-built, intuitive applications that cater to different functional needs such as IT automation and workflow management. The template store offers prebuilt templates with depth of customisation whether it is specially for IT operations automation or a workflow that operates across multiple departments.

Centralised enterprise data and workflow management​

Consolidated data, workflow management cloud-based and data integration is just one benefit of Kianda no-code platforms’ core philosophies. With an array of prebuilt templates, single-click imports from popular 3rd party databases, and advanced visualisation capabilities, Kianda acts as a dependable online operations management system to structure, modify, and store your information. Built-in automations and stakeholder / supply chain portals also help streamline operations management information flows.

Lean IT automation, infrastructure and security​

In addition to IT automation, better workflow management and the benefits offered by its web-based architecture, Kianda also provides flexible hosting options with its on-premise version. Your enterprise data is secure in either the Kianda platform or hosted on your own server / datacentre. Your data is protected across rest and transit, and during backups. Granular access controls for permission settings and SSO options make access both secure and intuitive.

Lean IT automation, infrastructure and security

Rapid application development​ to streamline operations

Centralised enterprise data and workflow management​


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