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Achieve rapid results in pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare workflows by automating paper-based business processes with Kianda no-code workflow tool.

Productive workflow automation solutions for pharmaceutical, life science and healthcare

Kianda no-code workflow software helps pharmaceutical and related companies to drive innovation in healthcare to the next level. Reduce inefficiency, optimise productivity, gain better in-house control and increase regulatory compliance through agile digital transformation.

Operational agility

Streamline operations with customisable online forms for site, facility, quality or your product line. Maintain and continuously improve quality and safety standards with paperless inspection checklists, drug approval requests and other automated workflows to deliver better business outcomes.

Flexible digital checklist application

Digitise, optimise and manage business processes with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop designer and customisable reporting dashboards.​ With Kianda workflow tool, you can capture all your data within the app and send to your back-end systems in real-time.


Easy reporting

Utilise workflow management tools to track and report site inspections on key metrics and monitor progress for a robust quality control. Easily share custom reports with other stakeholders. Automatically trigger notifications and assign tasks to other users to ensure no process goes unseen.

Optimise processes with Kianda workflow tool

Don’t settle for inefficient IT systems or paper and excel-based processes that soak up resources, limit productivity, hinder your ability to comply with ever-shifting industry regulations.

Kianda no-code process automation and workflow tool empowers pharmaceutical, life-science, bio-tech and healthcare companies to improve efficiency, accuracy, compliance and quality, health and safety.

Kianda workflow tool for healthcare
Digital healthcare workflows

Achieve compliance with workflow automation

Regulatory compliance is complex and critical when it comes to pharma, bio-tech, life-science and healthcare industries. 

Automating procedures with workflow management tools like Kianda enable healthcare providers to prioritise compliance and ensure that quality and regulatory standards are continuously met.

Gain internal control by providing complete data visibility and transparency into healthcare workflows.

Healthcare workflows mean faster delivery

Automating and streamlining healthcare workflows reduce time-to-market and prevent bottlenecks.

Kianda workflow tool improves the flow of processes by assigning tasks to all stakeholders involved, sending them reminder notifications to complete outstanding tasks on-the-go.

Expedite new product development, enhance supply-chain operations, complete vendor-related approval processes and deliver better outcomes with a robust workflow management system.

Workflow tool for pharma, life science and healthcare workflows

Why should you use Kianda no-code
workflow tool?

Workflow automation improves efficiencies

Experience considerable savings by automating purchase requests, inspection checklists, contract document approvals and more.

Eliminate bottlenecks, improve accuracy and safety, and optimise a wide range of operations by replacing paper-based requests with an automated approval process that allows managers to e-sign and approve requests from any location.​

Pharma, biotech and healthcare workflow management system on tablet
Digitalizing biotech and pharma processes

Enhanced data processing and regulatory compliance

Transition from your legacy CRM to a modern, robust system that facilitates document creation, editing, and management.

With Kianda workflow software, you can dramatically increase the consistency of data and access to information.

Kianda documentation management functionality provides superior outcomes and shortens revenue cycles while reducing reliance on manual data entry and maintenance.​

Secure external collaboration solutions​

Avoid inefficient pharmaceutical or healthcare workflows and succeed in delivering the best patient care.

Kianda workflow tool streamlines operations from onboarding to quality inspections.

Kianda helps pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers to reduce costs and save time, so they can ensure best practice in patient solution delivery​.

Automating biotech and pharma processes

Optimise business success with Kianda no-code workflow tool

Galway University Hospital - Saolta Healthcare - purchasing system case study
Saolta Healthcare

University Hospital Group builds modern purchasing system with Kianda platform

Using Kianda digital process automation platform, Galway University Hospital, Saolta Healthcare digitally transforms manual purchasing system, enabling efficient reporting and forecasting.

Accelerate digitalisation to deliver an impact today

Discover 6 common life science processes to digitally transform to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and increase regulatory compliance.

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