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You don't have to go through the same manual steps each time onboard a new hire, resolve an IT ticket or approve a simple vacation request. Say goodbye to increased costs, inefficiency and paper work. Process automation with Kianda will allow you to rethink traditional processes and transition into Digital Business. Easy-to-customise dashboards will give you ability to obtain accurate KPI’s and reporting informatio, helping to boost productivity for the management teams.

Workflow templates below are designed to help you improve your processes and bring efficiency while empowering users to build and maintain forms and workflows solutions via NO-CODE development interface.


Join the progressive digitalization in the construction and enginnering industry with innovative process automation solutions: Project approvals, employee onboarding, induction, document management, travel request management, budget approvals, incident management, insights to the company performance and KPI's via customisable reporting dashboards built in minutes.

Manage all your avition related processes in a single place: per diem request, engine condition monitoring, expense approvals, employee onboarding, offboarding, background check-list and staff evaluations made easy.

Workflow automation can help healthcare organizations to standardize approvals, route information securely, hiring and onboarding, documentation, meet compliance and regulations.

The benefits to be achieved from digital process automation for small business are just as significant as the large enterprises. Efficiency, accuracy, security and visibility become crucial, when operating with limited resources and time. They all can be achieved via a single platform providing NO-CODE Workflow Solutions will avoid big investments on resources and softwares.

With Kianda anonymous forms you can share your forms with public. Kianda forms can be used to provide access to your organisation's booking management needs. With flexible business rules can be customised as your organisation needs.

Streamlining supply-chain operations cross-organisations is almost impossible without custom tailored solutions. Uniquely, Kianda can bring tones of savings and transparency to these operations. Stay connected and trusted among your partners with Kianda supply chain solutions.


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